Friday, April 4, 2008

Family News

Hello Family and Friends!

We're joining the blogging world and adding another link to your pages! My cousins have asked for news and pictures and we have plenty of both each week. With Cameron now on a mission and Nick getting ready to graduate from high school, we have stories to tell all the time! I'm hoping that I can just cut and paste Cam's emails into here and maybe he'll send some pictures soon from Switzerland.

I need to go dig up some pictures now. What embarrassing photos can I add? :)


Maddy said...

OK! I think the picture of nick could have been better Just kidding

Ben and Megan said...

Dolly it is so fun to see how your family has grown! I can't believe how big they all are! It is cool how we are all able to keep in touch like this! Well talk to you latter.
Megan Oborn Love

Dolly said...

Megan! Wow-this is so awesome to hear from you:) Congrats on your marriage. What a beautiful last name you have-Love?! Do you have a blog too?

colosaggon said...
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