Friday, June 13, 2008


I spent the evening using my Memory Mixer and creating this scrapbook page of Carter.
His mother, Julie and his Aunt Laurie, are my first cousins. Carter's dad, Rob was a wonderful man I was able to meet at his, and Julie's wedding. After Rob died of cancer, Julie was unable to maintain her health, and she died a few years ago also. Carter and his sister, Courtney have been down a long hard road. I've been privileged to step-in and help raise Carter now. He's been with my family for almost two years. Everyday has been a challenge, but we realize, that that is, what life is all about.


Frumpy Luv said...

This is gorgeous - I need to learn how to do this sort of thing - it's so nice to have!

Anonymous said...

Very Cute Dolly!!!!

That is wonderful that you are helping raise Carter!!! you are one of those Walking Angels we hear about in the scriptures Dolly!