Sunday, July 20, 2008

Visit from the Relatives

Roland's sister, Theresa and her family came for a quick visit this weekend! Their son, Stuart is on his way to the MTC!! Go Elder Merrill!!


Rachel J. said...

Hi dolly,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love to see new comments. Your blog layout is adorable and I can tell you are the proud momma of a missionary. Good stuff.
Hopefully we can keep touch through the wonderful world of blogger-expression.
Take care~

Anonymous said...

WOW!! THat is wonderful!!!!

Anonymous said...

the more missionaries the better! way to go merrill!

Christine "SwissMiss" said...

Glad for your blog..thanks for stopping by my Swiss blog. I might not have missionaries but do have sons that are serving to protect us and the missionaries for doing our jobs. One just returned from the war aftewr 15 months living in the fox holes and eating MRI"S as we are thankful too that he came home in one piece although he had injuries... Lets not forget these soldiers... please keep visiting my blog it is fun to have "Blog friends" from all over....and God Bless them and all the missionaries that are all over this world too. ~ Swissmiss~