Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cousins are So Cool

My wonderful cousins, Tammy and Amy were just here for a quick visit today. I was able to hold Tammy's new little Abigail-she is adorable and so tiny! Tammy has lots of children and is a mid-wife. Her eldest child lives here in our town and goes to college. Amy is visiting her sisters with her boys up north also. How fun to just hop in a rental car with ONE child and head south!!!

We met for dinner and did not stop talking for two and half hours! Even though I can read all about their amazing lives and families...we had so much in between stuff to catch up on. All about our husband's jobs and our kids growing up. The funny things that our families say and do. This was the highlight of my day :) I miss hangin' out with my cousins-especially Tammy and Amy. I would of climbed in that car in a heart-beat. Amanda has a new house, Megan has a new son, and Elizabeth is due in a few weeks! This is like watching a favorite soap-opera...and I need the daily scoop to know what's up and who's coming for dinner:)


Susan Spracher Macaluso said...

Dolly, you are so blessed! I wish I had lots of family around me like that!!

Dolly said...

Your a cool cousin too :) Please come for a visit!! (We have tons to talk about too)