Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Getting Ready for School

Tomorrow, my babies are going back to school!!! Yahoo and Boo-hoo :) We've had an awesome summer together. We had lots of cousins and uncles and aunts visit. We've watched "Daddy" over come a huge injury from ripping his achillies tendon off his heel. (wearing a cast to work was not fun. But, he would not stay home and whine about it! He hobbled around wiring houses and climbing ladders to hang lights-every day but Sunday :) What a great example to his kids!

We have said goodbye to Carter. He's now living with his sister, Courtney in California. He's really happy and doing great with his new job. I'm sure he'll be heading back to school to see his old friends too. We've missed his funny ways: cereal with no milk, hogging the remote on the couch, bleach on the colored laundry, and bisquits in the oven on Sunday. It's hard to walk in his room and not wonder what he's up to every day. But he's happy and reunited with his sister and his home-town.

We decided to get out of the preschool business and find another job. I'm havin
g a huge garage sale this Saturday. People have called me all day today-early birds. I've smiled as people have been sad that I'm not teaching anymore. They warm my heart with good memories of the last eight years. I'm glad I live in a small town. It's been a blessing to get hugs in the grocery store :) My first class of kids is now going into middle school!! It's hard to believe...

I signed Dakota up for Highschool this morning. We went to registration and we're welcomed at the door by friendly classmates handing out candy bars and a welcome message attached. When Roland took Maddy tonight to sign up for middle school-they gave her a bag of popcorn at the door that said, "Thanks for popping by Maddy!". (Nice, huh?) Jaden's new preschool teacher came to our hous
e to meet him also. She brought him bubbles and sat and played games to get to know him a little better before school starts for him next week. We are off to a great start this year!


Anonymous said...

i know the feeling! my kids started school today!!! aahh!!!!

Mikki said...

My girls start up again on the
25th. We have a meet and greet with the teachers next friday. But, it doesn't sound nearly as wonderful as what your schools are doing. How sweet!!
Good luck in your new job venture. Sounds like big changes happening.

Rachel J. said...

"Hugs in the grocery store...", I love it! If only we could all be so close.
Well, enjoy the school year and your new business endeavors. I am looking forward to fall. It is my favorite season. Summer heat makes my brain melt into goo.

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

Susan Spracher Macaluso said...

Oh, Dolly, it is with mixed emotions I will be sending my kids back in two weeks. I'm going to be so lonely without them, but I won't miss the bickering. So, what are you planning on doing now?