Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wonderful Month of July & August

(Play of: School for Wives)

I really do feel so blessed this month. I have had family and friends from far and near,visit us in our home and around town. I've won some awesome gifts and want to catch up my news with a THANK YOU!

My brothers, Gary and Roch have been here with their families this summer! Both have amazing wives that we adore, and their children are so adorable. What a gift this has been to become better acquainted with Dolli, Traci, Gary, Naomi, Laura, Clarissa, Sadie and Margaret-four in each family. Thank you for traveling so far to see us.

Thanks to my mom, Corrie-for taking us girls to lunch today! The Garden House is divine. If your ever in Cedar...make quick reservations :)

Thank you to my best friend, Jennifer, for the red jacket for ushering. (She and her family are moving to Rexburg). I'm so in denial that she's even gone now. She'll be back-I just know it! I'm waiting for an email any day now.

Thank you to Carter and Courtney for the beef jerky from your sandwich deli-shop (Love it!) We miss you Carter :) Dakota's playing football for his freshman year!

Thank you Marie for sending me a a stamp-set from your blog!! I won! I Won!! (Cool)

Thank you to Janine for the Ditching Debt CD. It is so fantastic-I'm glad I got a chance to hug you at the play tonight!! What a surprise...I said, "Welcome to School for Wives, would you like a program? Janine?!!!" Best part of my whole day :)HERE'S ANOTHER BOOK LINK

Thank you to Shauntell for teaching us how to use all these coupons at my house! She drove all the way from Northern Utah! Incredible class-we learned so much. My first time meeting a fellow blogger too.

I have some pretty cool friends and a super great life here in Utah! Thanks to my cousin Susan for taking a poll on Donny Osmond and showing a slide show of his face! (What a thoughtful relative Susan is-don't ya' think?)


Anonymous said...

WOW Dolly!! you have been having a BUSY but FUN TIME!!!

Mikki said...

Hi Dolly! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are officially entered in my give-away. I want to move to Cedar City some day. If i do, I'll look you up. I took a floral class in high school and love floral arranging. (don't know how good at it I actually am though).
Hope you keep stopping by. :o)

JNew said...

Sounds like you've had a very good month!
When does your brother leave for Afghanistan?

Susan Spracher Macaluso said...

Your welcome!!!

Your cousin, Susan Osmon---er, I mean, Macaluso