Friday, September 26, 2008

The Game of Tag...Weird Facts

Okay-I'd like to thank Mechelle and Merrianne for choosing me in the tag game of weird and random facts! I have so much to share...but where do I start? My eight siblings could SHOUT them out to you. But I'll ponder the special "gifts" I have and list them in an orderly fashion.

1. Lets see...I hope to one day work in a funeral home-embalming bodies. My neighbor, Brother Boyer, owns a funeral home here in town. When he worked on the scout committee with my husband, they had meetings here at our house :) I did mention my dream job...and he told me I needed to to study the Art of: Funeral Home Directing. Alas, our university has no program like this. My husband says maybe when I'm older :( yeah-like when I'm ready to kick the bucket?)

2. I just asked my kids what I should list here...they said I have too many rules and that I blog too much! Yeah-I'm not one for eating all over the house or leaving dishes out for days. Strict ways of handling housecleaning :) Blogging? Well, it's my way of not going out to spend money$.

3. I love true crime. Ann Rule is my favorite author and she is one person I hope to meet one day-along with Donny Osmond. I have EVERY book of hers. One time, I emailed her and told her I'm her biggest Eskimo fan out in the true crime community! She wrote me back and told me to send her all my books to autograph-for FREE!! I told her when I can afford the shipping on two cases of paperbacks :)

4. I think of numbers as people. When I tell my family this-they try and put me in a straight jacket. Each number is either male or female, young or old, married or single. Example: One is a man, married to two (middle-aged female), and their baby is three! It goes on and son, Nick just asked me,"What's seven?". Seven is a teenager...six is his girlfriend. I have seen these number people in my mind since grade school-and thought everyone knew this!

5. I was the only one in my family(nine kids) to get braces on my teeth growing up. I was missing a front tooth for years, when my bestfriend-Kathleen found me at Ricks College. She was missing the same tooth and had braces too. She took me to her orthodontist...and he attached a fake tooth to my braces! (This was one of the happiest days of my life) I have worn a retainer now-with this tooth for about 24 years. Freaky huh?

6. I grew up in Alaska, but moved to Tulsa in my senior year of highschool. My dad put a BIG swimming pool in our front yard and every kid on the block made friends with us! My sisters and I sat outside and tanned all day :) I had tonsof bathing suits! I can still smell the chlorine...

7. I hate the light on when I take a bath. I like it dark and quiet :) I sit in my jetted-tub and read books by candle light. It reminds me of living on the homestead in Alaska (my mom's cabin). The power from the generator would stop running and we would light kerosene lanterns. Then we would tip toe around in the dark-so we wouldn't wake the baby. All the bathwater was warmed on the stove...and we'd wash dishes and then dump the water in the bathtub. Funny!

*So, there ya' have it, more news than you dreamed you get! Thanks for going down memory lane with me today. I'm off to find more blogs to read! Have a super-Saturday :) Seven people that I tag? Susan, Lyla, Shelle, Spencer, Amy, Lisa Loo and Pam!


Anonymous said...

i love it that you had a POOL in ALASKA!! awesome!!! and you look DARLING in that RED bathing suit!!!

i love that you TAGGED SPENCER!!!! i will make sure he does his before he leaves for Iowa tomorrow morning!!! ♥

Mechelle said...

Very interesting.

We had a pool in our back yard when I was a kid. We had lots of friends in the summer.

I see numbers as colors. Some are wild with patterns and some just plain. So I understand you number thing.

You know how to read books! Bath tub and candles!

Really enjoyed this. Thanks for playing. m

Dolly said...

Thanks Ladies-glad you read my post. My pool was in Tulsa,OK though...:) Yeah, I wish we had a pool in Alaska. It would of been a skating rink though :)

Jan said...

Funny about Donny once again. I wish I would have known you and then I could have set you wearing one of those hot bathing suit you had. The way you take a bath sounds heavenly. I am usually listening to Glenn Beck and getting stressed out. :)

Lisa Loo said...

I LOVE having someone in my blog circle that gets the whole Alaska thing!! I love the irony of a sun bathing eskimo too!
The whole funeral home thing--creepy but SOO COOL!! Between that and the people numbers I can tell that you are a total "outside the box thinker" and those are my favorite kind of people!
I am too much of a scardy cat when it comes to Ann Rule. I mean she really is a great reality writer. I love murder, mystery,CSI stuff but I like it served in a softer--maybe this wouldn't happen in real life-- sort of way. Does that make any sense at all?
I love all the things you shared. Thanks for tagging me--I just got done doing this 7x7 tag thing--so am really hoping you will let me count it for your tag also cuz I don't have any thing else. Can you like me anyways?

McEwens said...

What a great tag! (I will do this on monday!) I HOPE one day you meet Donny.... you would think someone in the blogging community could make that happen!

Dolly said...

Thank you my friends for droppin' by!

Lisa-All tags count-so I'll head over to your blog to read your last list:) *I'll like you forever!!!!

Funny thing about Mom's cousin lived next door to his parents for years. As kids, we'd sit and hope they'd be home for the holidays. But we never caught sight of Donny :)Both homes have been torn down now-for a shopping mall. People collected the bricks from the Osmond home-for souvenirs.

Mikki said...

I love number seven. Great memories to go along with it. Wow, a funeral home? I guess they are kind of peaceful huh'--maybe it wouldn't be bad, it'd be quieter than my house.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Okay the funeral home thing is freaky! But that is what I like about keep it real! I don't know what embalming even is! lol!

*MARY* said...

I can't believe that's your dream job, that would be like my nightmare. You are one tough lady.
And I'm way too scared to bathe in the dark.

Anonymous said...

great tag dolly!

i just did this one recently too.

i had braces when i was younger, too. and i love numbers, too!

Ashley said...

This is such a great post, I love learning all these fun facts about you! I wish I had a jetted tub and I agree with you that baths by candlelight are the BEST and so relaxing! I love your pictures by the pool!