Saturday, October 11, 2008

"I Love Your Blog" Award!

Here are the rules: I have to answer the following questions with one word answers and one word only! Then I must pass it on to seven others.

The questions are as follows:

1.Where is your cell phone? Here
2.Where is your significant other? Upstairs
3.Your hair color? brown
4.Your mother? next-door
5.Your father? working
6.Your favorite thing? chocolate
7.Your dream last night? "moon"
8.Your dream/goal? Flowers
10.Your hobby? blogging
11.Your fear? injuries
12.Where do you want to be in 6 years? Here
13.Where were you last night? neighbors
14.What you're not? Tall
15.One of your wish list items? Job
16.Where you grew up? Alaska
17.The last thing you did? Reception
18.What are you wearing? sweater
19.Your t.v.? off
20.Your pet? Gus
21.Your computer? Den
22.Your mood? Happy
23.Missing someone? Elder Cam
24.Your car? Mini-van
25.Something you're not wearing? shoes
26.Favorite store? Tia Pan Trading
27.Your summer? short
28.Love someone? Roland
29.Favorite color? red
30.Last time you laughed? tonight
31.Last time you cried? awhile...

Here are the people I'm tagging for the "I Love Your Blog" award-anyone who wants to!-♥


Anonymous said...

Dolly! You're so awesome!! and i always love YOUR blog!

Mikki said...

That tag is kind of hard to do, I tried it before--trying to pick one word can be tough.

Mechelle said...

I had a dog named GUS! I loved that dog with all my heart. What kind of dog is your Gus?

What kind of job do you want?

Your parents live next door? Mine are 29 hours away. I see them only once a year. I would like to have them next door. My kids would love that.

Loved the tag. It is a good one. m

Jan said...

I hope you get your dream job soon Dolly. I love this tag and the picture that goes with it. How cute. Chocolate is on my list too. I want to win Lisa Loos goods so badly. I will share :)

Lisa Loo said...

I didn't realize that your mom lives next door. Is that a good thing? I haven't done this list because I am way too wordy of a person--I just don't think I could do it! But I'm glad you did--it's fun learning new stuff about people.

Frumpy Luv said...

I too hope a job comes quickly if that is what you want. This is a fun tag!

McEwens said...

I love these tags, its fun to learn various things that would never come up in everyday posts!!

Susan Macaluso said...

Very cute! I am putting this on my family blog. Oh....!! And I have a giveaway at my warmbunny site!

Good luck!!!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Fun little trivia. It must be hard to answer with one word. It's kind of like on court shows where they make people answer just yes or no.

Ashley said...

I like your answers! I did this post too awhile ago and I thought it was pretty tough but fun to do!