Thursday, October 23, 2008

"T"-for TULSI... who's Terrific!!

Today I was able to meet TULSI at Applebees for lunch!!! (How lucky am I?!) What a blast it was! We talked and talked for the longest time. My kids know her kids and we have a lot in common. We live here in Utah and she's in a ward that has tons of my old friends from another Ward. In fact, while we were V.T. partner came over to say hello-so I introduced them, but they already know each other:) Small town or what? (I have an awesome V.T. partner too. She makes the appointments and I do the lesson and handout-every month!)

So anyway, there was so much to talk about. I'm really feeling blessed to have a new friend and a connection in this blogging world. We both feel like it's such a great escape to sit at the computer and read about so many people's thoughts and adventures. Our kids have gone through a lot of the same experiences-and I'm learning from how her teens have handled life and friends. I'm so happy to hear that Tulsi's mom reads my blog over in Switzerland (Hello Tulsi's mom!!) She has been to so many of the places that my son has been. That just... just warms my heart-♥ Thank you Tulsi for a great visit! Your awesome and such a good person to talk to. I'm planning to get our families/kids together next month. Take a look at your calender :) *Take an E- Excellent blog-bling while your at it too!! (down below)


RhondaLue said...

You lucky girls! Sounds fun!

Hey I dig your playlist. Karen Carpenter is fav of hers is I'M ON TOP OF THE WORLD. Love it!!!

*MARY* said...

Meeting blog buds is the best. I love it.

RhondaLue said...

yeah people say he looks like donny all the time. Also people used to say he sometimes looked like George Michael...but that was before the man got all wierd!

Mother Goose said...

how fun tht you met up with a blogging buddy who actually knows so many people that you know in real life!

McEwens said...

How fun for you to meet with with a blogging buddy!!!

Mechelle said...

To take our friends from the computer to a face to face meeting sounds wonderful.

I look forward to the day I meet you! M

Mikki said...

Holy Moly Dolly!! I just read your antler man post. That is CRAZY!!!
I'm so glad you guys were ok. Your husband was SO brave!! That poor woman. I wonder how she's doing now.
Sorry, I'm a few days behind.

SO cool you got to go to lunch with a blogging buddy.