Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year-2009

January 1st, 2009 is here! I am still so amazed to find myself here in the 2000's. Way back, when I was in high-school and dreaming of raising a family, my dreams included the feelings of the 70's and then the eighties. Years away in two-thousand, I was thinking we'd be space-age and robots. It's a cool thought that everything changes, but only enough to create a techno world for us middle agers...and the new generations wondering how we ever survived with record players and eight tracks. My kids hold DS screens and play WII games for fun. How did we spend time way back in the OLD DAYS? Hmmmm? Let's see...How about dancing, riding our ten-speeds, looking for groovy leather jackets and purses, going to the movies, working at fast-food places, dating really cute people, and dreaming of living in the space-age! I wore 501 jeans and Nike tennies. I loved getting a tan in the summer and wearing ski-jackets in the winter.

Tell me just what you did for fun-way back in the day. Did you feather your hair and have a comb in your back pocket? Did you carry peechy folders and make book covers from grocery bags? Did you have Gunny-Sack dresses and clogs for shoes? Tell me all about your life-back in the days...


RhondaLue said...

I not only feathered my hair but also wore feather cLIPS in my hair. Also did leg warmers and swatch watches. Yes, I'm a child of the 80's and not ashamed of it!!

Happy New year!!!

Kim said...

What I did for fun way back when
1. Wore 501 jeans with Copper Rivet Sweat shirts
2. Had short hair with the feathered bangs
3. I did actually ride a 10 speed where ever I needed to go
4. Talked on the phone for hours. I would sneak into the kitchen (in the dinasour age before cell phones) and with the 25 foot phone cord I would hide so my mom wouldn't find me.
5. cruise state street hoping to find the cutest guy around
6. sluffing school to go up the canyon during the spring to get a start on a early tan.

BTW--do I ever remember 8-tracks and records. Those were the days.

Thanks for letting me stop by and take a visit, it was a fun stroll down memory lane for me.

Tulsi said...

I did all of those things. How funny. The 80's was a great time to have naturally curly hair. It never went flat. I would LOVE to have the Nike's I had in high school. They were great and didn't make my foot look fat. It seems like all shoes make feet look fat now.

Michelle said...

I also did all those things--feathered bangs (& clips w/feathers), owned a 10-speed, listened to records & cruised Main St. I too am proud to be a product of the 80's--and my older children still kid me about my 80's hair style (not really that bad, but I need my bangs!)

Thanks for all those memories & hang in there with your 2nd oldest!

Jan said...

Happy New year to you and your family. I hope it all goes well for you and always have faith.