Thursday, January 8, 2009

Need For A Change

Today, I just needed a little change to my blog. I tried to log into cutest blog on the block-but it was down for sight I chose LeeLou's layouts. Very Cute! Everything is switched to the other side of the page...but I'll try and adjust. I lost a couple widgets...but I'll catch up and post those later. I was almost up to 2000 visitors. If your one of those dropping in to see what's new-thanks for checking in on me.

News for our family today? Well, my 18 yr. old (I'll call him Casanova) has started looking for engagement rings tonight. I'm happy for this news-don't worry! We are encouraging our cute little couple to head toward the alter now. Just so I can refer to his bride-to-be from now on, I'll call her Nicole (because she looks like Nicole Kidman
to me). They have dated for over a year now and she comes from a wonderful family. I look forward to helping them plan this wedding in (probably August of this year). When they asked me to help with the flowers-I almost cried, because I never dreamed that I would be doing my own son's wedding flowers. Never entered my thoughts.

I told my husband tonight, "We can be part of the problem or part of the
solution-which one will it be?". Prayer and contemplation has brought me to this point. I would like my grandkids to hear the story of how their parents got engaged-with grandma smiling, helping, and encouraging-♥ I hope to make my future daughter-inlaw feel welcomed into the family.


Warm Bunny said...

Yes, they're sure young, but I like your positive attitude. I've often contemplated this very scenario with my own kids. What a long learning journey these two will have. They are lucky to have such good role models.

McEwens said...

You both have a great attitude! Hey, my son has a ring he is selling from his engagement that didnt work... he isnt asking much for it.

luv2surfandswim@aol ask about the ring

Todd and Tammy Smith Family said...

Wow Dolly! Deep breath... I think I'd be hyperventilating. It's hard to let them be grown-ups isn't it? Christopher is home and I keep reminding myself to remember how it was when I came home from college. I have to stop, think, and choose my words and actions carefully.

Good luck, thanks for all the love and support!

Love you,


Lisa Loo said...

You are mazing!! Hang in there!

Tulsi said...

Wow. What a surprise!! Congratulations!!!!!!!

Donna said...

You have such a great attitude about this. What a good mother you are.
I like your new blog background a lot!

The Shabby Princess said...

You have an amazing outlook. I know that they will really appreciate your help and our love during this time. It will get easier!

Mikki said...

Great attitude to have Dolly!! I hope all goes well for them in their journey ahead.

PS those bear attacks down below cracked me up. Thanks!!