Saturday, January 10, 2009

Trip Down Memory Lane

My sister sent me some great shots of my kids today: from years ago!

Casanova, Nascar, and Elder-with their very blue/green eyes
Cousin and Chabs (about age 6)

My brother who taught me to love sushi-♥

Cousin and Chabs in favorite sparkly shirts from grandma

Elder's 13th birthday with Harry Potter family


Canoe trip- family reunion with Elder in the front paddling

My princess Chabs with a favorite cousin-♥ Thanks for the pictures Sista'!!


McEwens said...

GREAT pictures!

Lisa Loo said...

don't you just love unexpected trips down memory lane??!! cute kids!

Mechelle said...

I love getting photos. Thye are the best. You have a good looking family. m

Donna said...

Old pictures are so fun to look at and bring back such fun memories!

davies-jennie said...

I love the rewind pics! Such beautiful kids.