Tuesday, January 6, 2009

True Happiness

Yesterday, I tuned into Oprah to hear just how she was going to approach her weight issues this year. Without a live audience, she told the world that even though she may look like she has it all-she is missing real happiness in her life. She has brought in all the best people that she can find to help her eat right and exercise. She has an assistant to keep her show on track for taping, and she has a magazine to put all her photos and words down on for history. But after some health issues last year-she kinda' went down hill. She announced that she really wasn't having FUN! Nothing was making her smile like she did when she had her weight under control.

Because of my good husband, recognizing my mood swings-I am most of the time happy and having fun now. I loved teaching and owning a preschool-but I needed a change this year. I have been free for the last eight months to be home with my kids, focus on a career change, and draw closer to Heavenly Father. I do believe that if I was eating sushi and wearing pearls-with my hubby sitting next to me...I wouldn't have a care in the world! Which is my dream date for Fridays too. It feels so good to have the gospel to GUIDE me. It's gonna' be a great year :)


tiburon said...

I can't stand that Oprah. Or Sushi.

But I am with you on the pearls.

McEwens said...

She was brave to admit that, money really isnt all it is cracked up to be

tammy said...

Money really isn't everything, although a little money would be nice ;)

Good for you in realizing what would truly make you happy. I quit my job a couple of years ago after being prompted to, and have never looked back or been as happy now that I have time to concentrate on the more important things - family, church calling, giving service, taking time for myself. I feel it will be a good year too!

Anonymous said...

I use to love eating sushi growing up. My young womens pres made it all the time.

I missed seeing Oprah and had wanted to hear what she said.

Love the pearls!

blogging and bliss~ said...

Love pearls but not sushi~! Well I am glad you have found some focus. I know it will be a great year. Thanks for the thoughts.

Mechelle said...

Sometimes it feels like money can fix everything. But it can't. Glad you have the gospel also. I would be lost without it. m