Thursday, February 19, 2009

My sister in-law, Shirl has a Bed & Breakfast at Seneca Lake, NY. She's asked me to help her build a blog showing pictures and news of her area. The news and google pictures are all incredible scenes of lakefronts and country side. I've enjoyed helping her create this little spot in the blogging community of her home. I have a few technical problems though after setting this all up for her.

I've added Shirl as a blog author, so that she can send out daily post like we do, but I'm wondering how she'll be able to comment on other blogs without my identity. If we have to split her blog from do I hand over the reigns and take my name off hers? Anyone have answers for me? I'm still new at this, so I'm still learning too:)


Anonymous said...

You each need to have your own profiles and then when she comments on other blogs only HER profile will show up. :)

Blog Buddy said...

Thanks Merrianne! We started all over and created another account:)