Saturday, April 4, 2009

April 4th and 5th, 2009-General Conference Weekend

Saturday...We are so happy to slow down and listen to the general authorities for this Conference weekend. Incredible to hear this messages of faith, hope and charity during this difficult year for the world. It's true that the prophets have warned us for many years to plan for our physical and financial family needs during these last days. We are grateful for our food storage, savings and definitely our home at this time.

After the past year of closing my preschool down and then my husband losing his job, we've watched the miracles pour into our household. Our eldest son was still able to be sent on a two year mission. He's experienced tremendous growth spiritually and in becoming a responsible adult. What a fantastic blessing to know that this faithful son is being blessed for his future wife and children. He has written to us saying that we are not to worry about his car. If we needed to sell it or let his bothers use it, he was happy to share. He made me cry when he said that all his needs are taken care of and he needs nothing of material value. His only that real happiness comes from serving others.

My second child, Casanova, is learning and growing each day. He shows moments of real responsibility and adulthood. I lean on him for transporting the younger kids back and forth from school and activities. His presence in our home, allows me peace as I leave to work during the week. I'm so grateful for his talents and kindness.

My sweet Nascar, is a real genius in school. But his spirituality is so real that I'm amazed when he tells us about seminary and the scriptures. His new found interest in the game of tennis is a joy for our family to watch.

Chabs is such a wonderful babysitter, that I have to sign up early for child care with her little brother (which I know is not as fun) The neighbors are lining up! She really helps me out the most after school three days during the week. While I'm working at the craft store, she helps tend Starwars for a few hours till everyone comes home for dinner. She keeps me organized and on top of household chores. I really couldn't take on a job without my right-hand Chabs:)

We are so grateful for our side jobs these days too. My hubby has been driving out of town early in the mornings to Milford for a temporary job wiring a mine. This has put food on the table and kept the mortgage company happy. I've been able find weddings and proms to handle on weekends. Not only fun-but great for getting my name out there. We are truly blessed to have these experiences come our way.

There are daily challenges-but nothing we can't handle. The power went out for a few hours last night. A power-line caught on fire when the snow was causing the lines to arc. We could see the sparks flying off the burning pole around eight o'clock p.m. down the road. Later on, the power completely shut down and didn't return till early into the morning. We bundle the kids up in blankets and then everyone fell asleep with our flashlights near by. We drove past the charred, cut down pole today and felt pretty lucky, to not have lost more than just power for a few hours. We are protected continually.

I had two side jobs today with flowers. One family has asked me to help them with their daughter's wedding in May. She's chosen beautiful colors and gorgeous flowers. I'll be doing a silk round hand-tied bouquet for her temple pictures, and a fresh flower bouquet for her reception. I'm really so excited to gather the materials and create her dream bridal bouquet and corsages for the family.

Sunday-We are thrilled to hear the general authorities speak to us today. The words give us comfort and hope for the year. Our goals include more temple attendance, giving more service to others and bearing witness of Christ's life. Our lives can be more dedicated to Him.


Shauna said...

Conference was beautiful! I l♥ve it!
♥ HUGS ♥

Myrnie said...

So many blessings! What a beautiful testimony.

AKGrandma said...

DEAR DOLLY, It's Aunt Sherry, I sent you a note to thank you for the box you sent me but it came back. SORRY!!! It was so mush fun to get the box and really lifted my spirits!! What an awsome thing to do!! Thanks so much for all the fun things.
It sounds like you are getting some good jobs and it's always nice to work at something you enjoy and are so good at!!!! Hang in there and the Lord will bless you. You are a very special daughter of our Heavenly Father. I love you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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davies-jennie said...

I loved conference as well. I wondered what happened to the power the other night. Thanks for filling me in.

Amy said...

Thank you for this post! I loved hearing what your family is up to. We too loved conference. What a blessing it was for us. We also came away with goals for service and temple attendance.

Tonight we shoveled 12 feet of heavy, wet snow from behind a neighbor's truck so that he could finally get it out. We all enjoyed it and it was perfect for FHE.

I'm so happy that you are enjoying your job. What a blessing it must be!

Mechelle said...

Conference is the best. I cried when it was over! Can't wait til Oct. m

blogging and bliss~ said...

Thanks for your thoughts Dolly. Sounds like things are going well for you guys despite a few detours... We loved conference too. I was totally excited to be able to watch all 4 sessions.

Anonymous said...

Your thoughts are a blessing to me. Thanks for sharing them. We know what it means to be blessed when you have job loss. We spent a year out of work 2 years ago. It has taken us 2 years to recover finacially from it. But never were we with out what we were in need of. The Lord always blessed us. I can see that is happening for you right now.

May you have a wonderful Easter!