Saturday, April 25, 2009

Questions Answered

Hello Blogging Friends!

I need to introduce you to my dear friend, Heidi, over on WeRMakingMemories! We are both designers at my new job at the craft store, and last night, we taught a scrap-booking class till midnight. She also teaches digital scrap-booking during the week. So, I brought my lap-top and I had my first lesson on photo-shop. I will not pretend to just "suddenly know" how to create cool designs. (Heidi is amazingly talented!) You will LOVE her blog too-so go on over and say hello. Don't be shy-she should to feel the love from our little world. I didn't even get tired staying up working till midnight-I was thrilled to create and have fun learning with this new tool. The "icing on the cake" was figuring out how to "turn on" my date stamper here on my posts! I NOW have the date above my titles!!! YAHOO-the mystery is solved!


JFS said...

Thanks for sharing your comments. It always fascinates me who people are so creative in their art.

Mechelle said...

So Wonderful. m

Tulsi said...

Does she teach a beginning class? I looked on the front checkout and didn't see a calendar of this during the month.