Monday, May 18, 2009

My Floral Designs

Do you know anyone who has fun all day long at their job?

Well, count me as one of those lucky people-because...

I'm having a ball!!! I can grab what-ever I need to make flower arrangements, wedding cakes, and even signs that

tell people to eat their veggies!!!! :)

I've been pretty busy over at my new job lately...making all kinds of

Cool bouquets and flower arrangements! My boss tells me, "Here's a vase, go find
something to fill it up and make it look great!". Sometimes she says,
"These are the flowers we need to sell-what arrangement would

look good on this shelf? How should we display this?"
And I walk around the store and pick anything that I want to fill the
vase up-sometimes it's for a wedding display, and sometimes it's just
for someone to give as a thank you gift. I made wreathes for Easter and
made bunny baskets to put toys in for children. When custom orders are
needed-I fill out the paper work and help the customer find their favorite
flower or vase to send a gift to a friend.

Sometimes I look in brides magazines to get ideas. Center-pieces catch my eye
when they're tall and have a creative different idea. Like filling the vase with sea shells.
Some containers are empty cages that have to be filled. I use foam and moss before
I add a certain flower or greenery. This has to be one of the greatest jobs on earth!

I'm so happy to be creating and making floral designs! I LOVE MY JOB-♥


Anonymous said...

How cool that you love your job. I am going to create my dream job this summer, consulting as an Interior Design. So that I can Looove my job like you do.

Might I just add that your talented!

davies-jennie said...

They are lucky to have you work for them! You are very talented! So beautiful!

Myrnie said...

Everything is gorgeous! How wonderful to have a job that you love and are so GOOD at!

RhondaLue said...

oh my goodness, you are SO talented! And how awesome is it that your work is FUN! WOW---you keep creating girl! You help us 'un'creative people out by giving us ideas!

Elder Ed and Sister Joyce Collins said...

Blogs are a fun way to stay in touch! Sure love you guys and thanks for staying in touch this way with your comments, etc. You have a cute family. By the way, where do you work?---creative lady you are! and tell Roland hello!