Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Proxy Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to our son, Casanova! He's not here-so we have a proxy stand-in ...Nascar:)
(*We believe birthday-boy was with his fiance). Here's the party we threw for our beloved nineteen year old...Pizza, and double chocolate cake! Delicious-♥
Rootbeer with no artificial flavorings

Pepperoni-his favorite

Chabs sang with us before we toasted with Pizza
Nascar shaved his head for the occasion


Jan the crazy lady said...

How fun. Happy Birthday. It all looked really good too :)

Mikki said...

MMMMmmmm!! Looks like it was a great party, with or without the guest of honor. Hey, who says you have to have a party boy (or girl)?
I want one of everything please, and maybe two of that cake. Looks divine!!!

Warm Bunny said...

Hey Dolly, I like your sense of humor (" the Sizzlers")!! You-so-funny! You never have to explain your jokes---I get you!! (we have the same blood, remember?!) Oh, how we would have fought over Donny in front of the tv way back when....

Blog Stalker said...

Awesome, who says they have to be there to celebrate them?

Have a great day!

Tovepia said...

Congratulations to your son;) Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog some time ago, always nice to hear from someone new and, on top of that, from abroad;) Have a nice week!