Saturday, June 13, 2009

Whistle While You Work-♥

Today was my day to demo at work. I was given a plain wooden frame to decorate with and anything I wanted in the store. So, I grabbed the lime green acrylic paint and some scrap-booking paper, and some embellishments. I painted the whole frame green and then started cutting around the scrolls and flowers on the paper.
Then I glued the scrap-paper down and covered the paper with Modge-Podge. I took the cardboard insert off the back and covered that with pink polka dot paper and left it off till the wood was dry. Then, I added gems and glitter dots to the flowers-purple and pink. I found some extra big gerber daisies to hot glue to the top corner too. I think the whole project turned out pretty cute! Chabs really like the colors:)

I also had two customs orders for weddings. One was the head pieces for two little
flower girls. One little girl is wearing blue and the other pink. They picked out the flowers themselves and I wired them into a head-band. I think the mom spent ten dollars in supplies and the labor only cost seven bucks. What a great dress up item for later on:) I plan to glue little tiny crocodile clips to the insides of the bands-to help hold them on their cute little heads.

My last project was a bridal bouquet that...
had green and pink gerber daisies in it-with a little white freesia and meadow grass for a filler. I looped bear grass and cradled the bouquet inside the greenery. The handle of stems was wrapped in a lime green satin ribbin-three inches wide. The brides final color is a I put just a touch of thin ribbon near the big bow in front. The color scheme and grass loops gives this a tropical theme. I could always be inspired to create from my heart- with the idea of a Hawaiian
celebration!! Can you imagine the hoola-girls with their grass skirts? Aloha-♥

* And that's my day... in a nut-shell!
Yay-for demo days...and the awesome customers.


Chantell said...
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Chantell said...

WOW..busy day! seriously your so creative and talented! I need to take lessons from you!

davies-jennie said...

How cute! You are so talented!

davies-jennie said...
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Myrnie said...

You have one of the coolest jobs in the world, I think :) They all look great!

Shellie said...

Good work. Looks like fun.