Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Relatives Rock

I just read my cousin, Tammy's blog for my bedtime story tonight:) She's a midwife and has her own tribe of talented kids up in Alaska. She home-schools and puts together workshops for parents to attend. She is an amazing multi-tasker!! Just this past week, she stayed up all night(after delivering two babies out of town)- with her own baby who had a fever for several days. She helped her hubby hang sheet rock (they've built their house from the ground up) and then she canned blueberry jam!!! Can you even imagine the energy level this woman has? I can only say that I would BUY a jar of that jam if it gave me a boost for the day:)

I've been quickly ending my job at Roberts to begin the training process at my new place of employment (I have three more days of helping my fellow workers). I already know this new job will be a blast...but I didn't plan on the emotional adjustment of saying goodbye to great friends at Roberts. I know, we live in the same town-but it's really freaky to think I'll only run into them now at Walmart:)

My own kids at home have handled my work and their dad's return to work, pretty well. We have a few weeks of camping for my 12 and 15 yr. old. with Scouts and Young Women's. My five year old though, is sensing the big changes and has declared his anger over his lack of control with our schedule. He has refused to listen to his older siblings when they feed him or insist he have quiet time. By the time I get home now, he yells that he hates his mom and will only eat waffles and pizza for dinner:) I'm making him a calender to help him count down the days till school starts. Hopefully this will distract him for the weekend at least!

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davies-jennie said...

Looks like you have been busy. Your cousin sounds amazing. I love the rewind pics.