Sunday, November 29, 2009

Listening to the Spirit

Today, I had to go into work. Almost everyday (except Sunday) I go in to Comforts and help open the store for the day. As I enter the store, I usually grab my name-tag

off the fridge in the back. There's a magnet on the back to hold it on to my apron that I wear through out the day. I'm now, pretty use to the thought of losing this name-tag... as I turn on twenty different Christmas trees (that we've had up since the end of September). The magnet on the back falls off first and then the tag sometimes grabs onto something metal. I find it on metal buckets, metal table legs, picture frames, and even the tree stems. Lately though, I've been frustrated in finding this silly tag! I'll think to myself that it's kind of nice not wondering if someone knows my name. If I make a mistake...I don't have to worry that my name will make it's way back to my boss!:)

Today though, after I lost the name tag for the millionth time...I wondered if maybe I prayed about finding the little trouble maker...I'd have some better chance of finding it faster. Every other time that I have asked for divine help in searching...I seriously walk right to the spot that I have lost the item. It never fails.

There were tons of people shopping today, and I felt I better just say a silent prayer that I'd be guided to the exact spot that I lost my tag-without being noticed or trampled. I re-traced my step, said a prayer in my heart, and waited for the little feeling to take me along. The next thing that happened was I heard a voice say, "Look in your coat pocket". It was cold in the store-so I had left my jacket on...and had kept my zipper up. My first thought was to doubt that the tag could possibly have fallen into the side pocket! So, I hesitated. Then I had another strong feeling to put my hand in the I did this time. My name-tag WAS in my coat pocket!!! I laughed as pulled it out, and then I stared at this crazy piece of metal and plastic. I have no idea how it could of slipped off my apron and fallen into my jacket pocket...but I do know that I was guided by another being to find this tag and wear it again. I have no doubt that my life and actions are my own, and that I can ask for help- if I just have faith. All I have to do is ask first. I may not get the answer that makes sense or hands me exactly what I think I need. But, if there's a sincere question in my life, I can be guided and given direction and help from above. I believe that our Heavenly Father wants to help us. We just need to ask for that help.


blogging and bliss~ said...

Oh Blog buddy thank you so much! We had a prayer to find something last week he really does guide you and help you find what you are looking for.

Photo Crazy! said...

Prayer really works! Thanks for sharing.

Tulsi said...

Isn't that amazing! I had a similar experience this week finding baby stuff I saved. After months of looking I said a little prayer and dug through some boxes, into a tiny spot and it was in the first box I looked in this time. LOVE prayer!!

Jenny said...

As I have been pondering much lately over the effects of pray. I have found that there have been many testimonies given to me lately on the results of faithful praying. I needed to read this post. So thank-you for sharing.