Monday, November 16, 2009

Turn Your Hearts

On my mom's birthday last month, our Ward Relief Society gave a dinner and introduced us to a wonderful woman, Sister Gracia Jones, who is the descendant of Emma Smith. She brought her pictures and stories of her life. Amazing evening:)

I was asked to decorate a table for eight of the sisters in our ward to sit at. I was so surprised to find a picture of the table on the Ward R.S. blog! Cool-I had used a paper table cloth and all paper/plastic for the settings. I used my mom's family homestead pictures of her growing up in Alaska, since it was her birthday:) She was surprised and happy to have them sing Happy Birthday also! She said the best part was being able to get up from the table and not go wash dishes-*Toss those plates ladies!* (YES!!)


Jenny said...

It looks amazing. I can't even tell that you used paper products to create such an wonderful table setting. I feel so inspired for our Thanks-giving dinner.

RhondaLue said...

how beautiful! You are so talented!

and what a delightful evening, I would have loved to heard her!