Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Final Days in Switzerland

I know what your thinking! How long can this story go on??? Well, life has kind of gotten in the way lately, and I'm "slower than molasses" on posting...Here comes some more pictures of our fabulous trip to our Elder's mission:

This is Brother and Sister Burbidge in St. Gallen. We had a wonderful lunch with them and learned all about the amazing young adults, that our son had worked with over the last few months. We laughed and talked for several hours and before we left them, we promised to sit with them in church the next day:) We said good-bye and went sight-seeing in the city...
This is a cathedral that our missionary wanted us to visit- in down town St. Gallen. It was so beautiful inside-and so very old that it smelled like mildew and must. The odor was so powerful-I had to step out.
We hopped on the bus and went to the local IKEA store for lunch. It was the only place in town with free refills:) We had Swedish meatballs and pastry was called a princess-cake-and cranberry juice to drink...
The next day, Sunday...we went to the ward that our son had taught in (St. Gallen). The chairs (instead of benches) were set up this way-because they turned them around to face the stage in the back! How ingenious I thought to myself:) I looked up at the lights and this reminded me of  "seventies-decor":
We stood at the chapel doors and greeted people coming in...most ward members spoke English. There was one friend we had to meet: Elder Jordan...He was taught baptized by my son and his companion...and Jordan is now the Ward Mission Leader!  He is such a golden convert too.
I noticed the wall portraits of the missionaries sent out by this great ward also-cool!!! After church, we went to a ward member's house.
This is Sister Keller and she is a fabulous cook! She continually feeds the missionaries in the ward and was so kind to out son during his mission:) She handed us a big bag of chocolate before we left and we were so amazed with her generosity!! After we left her house-we drove back to Zurich and rode around on the trains:)
It was so much fun! Our missionary was our personal guide and translated all the signs and stops for us.
I was freezing but happy to be touring the city with my son and cute hubby!
We climbed on and off near the train station. You can see how cold it was there-by looking at this frozen water fountain! We tried to spend more time on the trains than off.

I could see that my boys were hungry-so we stopped off and ate at the local Burger King.

This basic meal for three...was over forty American Dollars!!!!! 
Then we climbed back on the trains and went to see more historical sights.
This is the train-station

and the Zurich city lights were fantastic!! We loved the midnight tour:)

The next day, Monday-we started packing for the flight home. Elder decided to leave his well worn shoes in hotel trash can:)
We made it to the airport and felt so happy to have our son travel with us finally! *He could barely fit into the airplane seats (being 6' 7")...so they put all three of us in the front emergency row:)

I was soooo tired....and so ready to go home:)

Here's our missionary-back on American soil in...VEGAS baby!:)
Welcome Home my son!!!! Now-I can catch up on HOME life again-yahoo!!!!


Michelle said...

I have enjoyed reading about your son's mission. How wonderful that you were able to go and tour his mission & pick him up.

I don't always comment, but I have read your posts.

I looks like a beautiful place to visit.

My oldest is a senior now & so his mission is coming quicker than I want!!!

Loved all the pictures :D

Mitch and Shanley said...

That's so awesome that you were able to pick your missionary up! What a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Jennifer Juniper said...

This is someplace I will probably never visit, so I'm so glad you got to take me along :)

Grand Pooba said...

Meatballs and french fries? Wierd!!

I could handle the princess cake though :)

(I can't believe how tall your boy is!!! You better warn him about the girls are going to be swarming!)