Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

We left our youngest son at home with his older brothers...and we loaded up Chabs and Nascar and hit the road. It was time for a little house hunting and alone time with the middle kids!
We decided to take our kids and go up north for "Conference Weekend" (Where we go and see our LDS prophet speak). We also wanted to look around the Salt Lake area for a new home we can move our family to. As soon as school gets out...we are packing up. We found a few good places in the Draper and Sandy area. We stopped for lunch at a buffet and sat with our neighbors-who were visiting for conference weekend too:)
It was super fun talking to them and they took us on a tour of Sandy to show us their relatives homes.
This morning, we met in Salt Lake and we waited in a stand-by line for extra seats to get into the LDS Conference Center. Ben and Linda (our neighbors) stood with us for an hour.

(This is how much shorter I am than Chabs-I'm five foot...She's almost 5' 9")

This is the line ahead of us....
And this is the line behind us!!! It went clear down the walkway.
This is how close we were standing NEXT to the Salt Lake Temple:)
My poor hubby looks so tired because he drove all the way down to get us, then we all drove BACK up north again for this whirl-wind trip. He's probably so happy to climb back into his trailer and SLEEP before he gets back up at five a.m. and goes to work in the morning!
Right before Conference started, a guide came over to let us know-that it was all FULL in the Conference Center and that we needed to quickly find a spot in the Tabernacle. So, we broke out of line and made a reverent dash to this beautiful building. This is where Conference was held originally.
 They took down this sign....and we were happy to make it out of the cold and go into:
This awesome building! I was so amazed that I was actually sitting in here.
There were two gigantic screens with the session going on-it was so fabulous. It was really amazing to hear our prophet speak and hear messages from the twelve apostles too.
When it was over at noon-we went outside into the bright sunshine and took pictures of the gardens.
I took a picture of my sweet hubby who was carrying my heels around for me-♥ That's real love! 
While I gave my feet a easy walk in my Nike tennies:) *Who likes to run down the street in heels? Not  me!
  We went over and watched the crowds come out of the Conference Center.I made a video and its so cool how the crowds zig-zag as they leave down the walk way! When I look up from making a video...I saw:
My cousin, Tammy's son-Elder Smith with his companion!!!! I said, "Can I take your pictures Elders?":) Then I told him, "Elder Smith-this one is for your cousin!"
Our dear friend, Ben, took this picture of us...and you can tell we are cold & tired-but happy to be there!
As we were walking back to our car, we heard hecklers yelling to the crowds, we saw missionaries singing hymns, homeless people were pan-handling, and then there was this group of young FREE HUGS. It was really cool...and we enjoyed the whole day!!! Hope we can get into the Conference Center this Fall. We'll actually be living up north:) ~How cool is that?~


RhondaLue said...

That's so cool! I loved your pics, especially the devoted hubby carrying your heels! LOL!! That IS real love!

So why are you guys moving? I hope you find a great place and love it!

We have friends in SLC, Logan, Provo, and many other surrounding areas. We hope to go visit everyone this summer at some point!

Jenny said...

OH Wow, your going to live really close to where I live currently. We Might be able to meet this summer.

Amy said...

WOW! How cool is that?! The boys and I were talking about how wonderful it would be to go there during conference and hear the prophet speak! And how great that you saw Christopher!! Did you recognize him? How in the world did you do that??

James and Jelli said...

My parents live in the Sandy/Draper area! I was about "Chabs's" age when we moved from Cedar, and now you guys are moving, crazy! When we moved I was madly in love with your son (as much as you can be in love at 12, haha), I thought we were going to get married someday, haha! You'll like the Salt Lake area, big change, but lots of fun!

Michelle said...

I would love to attend conference in SLC someday--but we still have too many little ones.

I enjoyed all sessions of conference this past weekend.

I loved all the pictures, and have to admit my favorite is your hubby carrying your shoes :D

Good luck in the house hunting!

Mikki said...

Fabulous weekend!! I would love to actually attend a session of conference. Who wouldn't right?
Any luck finding a place? How exciting, to be moving. Are you happy about it, or is it going to be a trial?

4evermemories said...

Wow...I didn't know you were moving. How sad for us Cedar City people...but the lucky people up north to have you. Thanks for your comment on our fam's fun to find your fam blog, too. I love your pics and you must have had a wonderful and memorable time up at the tennies...I wouldn't want to walk around for hours in heels either! You go girl!

Grand Pooba said...

Yay! Look at you guys, right where you belong!

I can't believe how crazy conference weekend is downtown!