Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This week is SUPER busy for our family. We are moving out this week!!! I am so excited to start our new adventure up north:) I keep opening drawers and closets and finding things to pack though. The list is endless-but my joy is overflowing!
That's what keeps me going I think-the sheer fact that we are starting a new chapter in life. I ran around taking pictures tonight. StarWars has been a big help to me. When all my older kids are busy with goodbye parties and the end of the school year activities-my little six year old is the one person home with me. We unloaded 

the cold-storage room together...carrying each item upstairs. We took tons to D.I. and we filled up a whole super long dumpster. It felt fabulous getting rid of years of useless items that I never use anyway.

I'm learning from the T.V. show-"Hoarders", that I hold on to items for the feel-good memories. I also think that my secret wish is to pass-on the treasures, but some people won't find them to be special like I do. I need to ask my kids if they dream of owning my possessions. I've learned so much from working at home 

decor stores also. (That sounds funny-after putting pictures up:) Some items are seasonal and some are temporary. I need to hold off on unnecessary things-even when I WANT them so bad! (Think of all the money I'll be saving!) I want to make the move north to be uncomplicated and easy for my husband and sons 

to move. The more I let go of-the quicker we will be out of here. My son, Casanova and his wife, have inherited my kitchen dining room set, the basement couches and a big bookcase that my father in-law made years ago. My eldest son gets the other matching bookcase. It felt so good to help them out as they moved into a new place also. I'm so grateful for the home that we've built with our own hands- and the items that have been handed down to me from my parents. (I need to write about how I inherited my formal dining room set from my grandma. But, I'll hold off on that till later:) 
*In the midst of this craziness-I managed to make a silk wedding bouquet for my friend, Megan. I just love her style and wedding colors. Congrats to the new bride-♥


Heidi's Creations said...

looks and sounds super familiar. Good luck with everything. Maybe I'll see you up there when we get there.

Amanda Bush said...

Right there with you, literally. Can't turn around without finding something I need to figure out what I am going to do with it. The questions I ask myself... Do I NEED it? Do I LOVE it? Does it have a home that isn't a box in a closet somewhere? That helps, on somethings, the rest I just wing it.

Jenny said...

It was a year ago this week that we were moving. So, I went through the whole, getting rid of and DI received many of my so called treasures. It is funny how we become attached to things!

Good luck with your move, Hope it goes well.

Tulsi said...

Your attitude about moving will make the whole thing go smoothly!! I will miss seeing you out and about.

Roger and LeAnn said...

You did have very positive thoughts on moving. We have moved about 24 times in 42 years and if I see a box; I have anxiety. However, I did find moving an adventure in the end. We just moved from Spokane Washington to South Jordan, Utah five years ago. It is hard to get rid of things that bring memories. I am still having a hard time even giving some of my mothers things away since she passed away.
It's those memories.
Be safe and enjoy the moments.