Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of School in SLC

My kids and I knew that this day would be here all summer long. This year's "FIRST DAY" would be especially challenging because my kids are starting brand new schools in a new city. Since we've been up here in the Salt Lake area for over three months now, we are now use to the roads, stores and our new church ward. We've driven all over exploring Sandy, Draper, Riverton, Herriman, Murray and all the other towns.

I've taken the kids inside their new schools and walked their hallways. But new schools and people are scary. I knew that this day would be hard. I, myself, have gone through changing schools when I was a teenager (my senior year in H.S. we moved to Tulsa from Alaska). I was so excited but painfully nervous also. Nascar who is almost 17- has been awesome. We've gone over to his school several times to register, walk his hallways

and look for parking spaces. We didn't get a parking sticker-so he was worried about his car being in the right place. I did get a nervous phone-call, asking what he should do? No big deal I told him and he was fine with the options. My daughter, Chabs was having a major melt-down this morning. We've talked about her new schedule and having a locker. We've gone over to see the classrooms and practice opening her new lock. She was adamant that she was NOT going today. Luckily, her dad gave her and her brother father's

blessings last night...and we had morning prayers before breakfast today. I even went to my room, after seeing her sobbing this morning. "Heavenly Father-Please help my children make it through this day! Help me be strong and guide these brave Saturday's Warriors. Send angels to pick my daughter up off the couch-and dry her tears, and thank you for giving me another day to get Starwars out the door". I only have an "Open House moment" with my youngest today (we don't have to be ready till after lunch). It's a cruel punishment for him though-he WANTS to start school and meet his teacher:) I wanted to take pictures and show my kids happily skipping out the door. Not today..maybe tomorrow. I'm happy that both of my teenagers are safely in their classrooms-and my six year old is now snuggled next to me watching cartoons while I blog this morning. "Thank you Heavenly Father for helping me be a mom!!!".


Van Leuven said...

I feel your pain my kids to just moved to a new school and are having a hard time it is not fun for mom to see them struggle my oldest just started middle school and she is having a hard time. My grandma always tells me this to shall pass. ps I love reading your blog.

Lisa Loo said...

Oh I remember the pain of new school terrors well! I am so glad you enlisted Heavenly Father! Hope all went well--it was rough for me--I will be hoping it was better for your kids!

Cheeseboy said...

Oh, I so hope they had a great day. That is so scary for them. I am sure the prayers and blessing helped.

I'll be curious to read how things went.