Tuesday, September 21, 2010

B-days*Brakes*Fires &* Bees

Since the kids have gone back to school, my life has been pretty laid back and easy. We did have my 21st birthday (again)-just like every year. Then we celebrated my son's b-day (he turned 22)...yep-we are only a year apart-and I'm younger now. Time goes backwards once you become a middle age. It's great being a young mom:)

Our little town had a big fire a few days ago. We listened to the sirens and watched the smoke surround us. Sad to read that a few families lost their homes:( Not a pretty picture. We are glad that no one was killed or badly injured though. Only smoke inhalation and people needing breathing treatments (like my daughter).

My van has been having brake problems on and off. First it would "stick" and not release. I'd get stuck out in Sandy-and have to call my house for a ride home. But my hubby would make me wait till he drove out to me, then he would lift the car up on jacks-and beat the heck out of the wheels. Then he took over driving the van to work for a week. He'd down-shift into first and second-and avoid braking "as hard" as I do...(he says sarcastically). My sixteen year old would drive the jeep(which he hates) and I would get my son's little car to putt around in. We endured this car switch for only one week. Now, I'm driving my van again, Nascar is driving his little car-and my husband is happy to get his jeep back. This morning though, I got a call from Nascar. He left his head-lights on...and now the battery is dead. I made it over to his school and tried to hook up the jumper cables with him. We still could not get his battery to charge. So, it looks like were back to two cars again-till dad gets home tonight:)

I'm waiting till the last minute to head out the door to pick up kids. There are big bees that like to dive-bomb me when I step out on my porch. Dozens of birds live up in the trees outside the townhouse-and the patio gets covered in bird droppings. Well, the bees seem to like this-(don't ask me why!). So, I'm avoiding this freakish front porch till the last minute. Maybe I can find the bug spray up in the cupboard? Where is that stuff? Maybe I'll just wear a big hat:)     More news soon...♥ Doll'


Tulsi said...

I'm not sure how the car situation will be when Kass comes home. But he will most likely be leaving again and then buying his own car. I hate car trougle.

Jenny said...

I really dislike car trouble. The bee's sound a tad annoying.

Maddy said...

We should just get a new car!