Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunday RS Lesson

I just finished doing handouts for my lesson tomorrow-and I thought I'd share:)  My lesson is called "Honorably Hold a Name and Standing from David A. Bednar. The handout is a Temple box from
This is a hard candy (Werther's Original) that I attached a paper to saying, "Let us each be worthy to enter in to the Temple of the Lord". Then I put the candy in the box below.
I'm so excited to teach tomorrow! I love to see the temple-♥


Lisa Loo said...


Wish I was in your ward!

JennyLynn said...

Hope your lesson went well. I love your handouts. I love it when the teacher has a small sweet treat to go with the lesson.

Had a tad of a break down when I turned 40 on Friday. Deleted all my blogs, Facebook and e-mail accounts. Well, found my original blog still around. Came to my senses and am using it now.

LeAnn said...

I am sure your lesson was awesome. I loved your handout. Thanks for sharing it.
Blessings to you!

Grand Pooba said...

How'd it go?

Dolly said...

Thanks for asking Pooba...I believe the lesson went well-with quite a few comments and stories from the ladies in the room:) The little handout was icing on the cake. It seemed to open the door for meeting new sisters and learning names. *Very fun time!