Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trip to Detroit

As some of you know, I hopped on a plane and went out to visit Gar' and Nor'. I had a totally amazing time getting to know Gary Paul and little baby, Naomi. They are soooo-cute and fun to play with! Dolli Grace and Traci are all grown up now :) We kicked their parents out the house for a night and watched YouTube and iCarly shows till midnight.One of our favorite clips on YouTube is the elephant painting an elephant! Incredible-you have to look it up! We also ate pizza and candy till we popped! What a night guys :)
Gar' and Nor' celebrated their ump-teen'th anniversary(same age as Carter) and took in the sights of vintage Marriot rooms. They also checked out a yard sale on the way home-excellent deals! We all loaded up later for Motownmuseum tour-Awesome dude! We had lunch at an original Coney Island Restraunt I loved every bite! Gar' took us downtown to see the car-show at the GM Buildings too! The best way to end our day-was to take in a Webkinz Extravaganza at Hallmark. Maddy is now the proud owner of a cow and a monkey-thanks to Uncle Gary! I loved my time away and I hope to continue venturing out into the world every year!

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Sounds like you had a BLAST!!!