Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Tour of Detroit-Motown and GM

I finally downloaded my pictures from Detroit last week. We went to car-shows and Motown and I took pictures of the GM building. Out of respect for Gary's privacy-I'll only show a few family shots here. The whole trip was a whirl-wind tour-thank you to Gar' and Nor' for letting me show up for a visit!


Todd and Tammy Smith Family said...

Sounds like you had a blast at the osmond concert and visiting Gary. I was sad not to see any pictures of their family. I watched soe of a special on the osmond family on PBS the other night and thought of you! LOL! Thanks for all the great emails! You need to help Sherri get her blog up and running!


Earle Family said...

Hey Dolly! It's so fun to see what's happening in your life! Your kids are so big! (Literally!)~ Amy

Anonymous said...

The car show looks awesome...I went to one in Chicago and it was HUGE & awesome!