Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

> Subject: Now its time for the good word from Elder

> Date: Wed, 7 May 2008 11:23:02 +0000
> Dear Mom and Family,
> Well, I got the 14 page letter the other day and my companion was shocked that any mom could write that long! He got a letter from the Miamaids that was on a torn sheet of paper!! I'm still in Kreuzlingen and my Mission President called me saying, "Elder? We have a letter from your mother and she sounds VERY CONCERNED! So he read me it and then I got a half a lecture when he said to make sure to keep your mother well informed, and then he wanted me to go email you that second... but I then said, "I emailed her yesterday", so that should have cleared up any problems. I can receive pictures to this account- I just can't send them... so you can send pictures here or my old account either works. Well, It sounds like Casanova is graduating (thanks to his genius little brother who is already doing high school English work in middle school.) Now, its time to talk about the great call this Sunday! I'm assuming you have church at 1 p.m. so here is how its going to work... they told us to tell you that YOU need to call ME. I get to talk first so you should call me at:
The time difference has already been worked out. That's how it works out. I know its early, but that's time difference for you. Well, I hope to hear from you guys soon(talking on the phone).

Hey Everyone! Blog Buddy here... (Happy Mother's Day to my Mom),

My gift for Mother's Day from my hubby & kids is a beautiful ring with all my children's birthstones-all in the shape of a flower(Beautiful!). Six birthstones and a diamond in the middle.
I was also able to speak to Elder for quite awhile. He's doing great on his mission in Switzerland. Germany is within walking distance and food prices are more affordable there than in Kreuzlingen. They are able to buy meat for a far less price in Germany. He said that his shoe treads are totally worn down to nothing-I told him to get another pair:) He has to pay almost five dollars to use the internet and to print out pages is expensive too. So he feels very grateful for handwritten letters mailed out. He said he's received emails from his cousin in Detroit (Yeah!) and from Aunt Shirl':) and from my Uncle Joe in Texas (I think). He spoke in church for five minutes two weeks ago. Everyone in the Branch thanked him for speaking (but they said they couldn't understand a word he said):)
He said the little children on the trains practice speaking in English to the Elders by using slang words (I've heard of Americans doing the same). He told me that he's going out hiking again with the "vegan investigator" tomorrow. Today is a holiday there- and tomorrow is a Swiss holiday(something to do with the Holy Ghost). I told him all about my trip to Detroit and how I'm trying to sell the preschool. All of the kids here got to say hello. Starwars said, "Hi Dad!" ? (Not sure why). Elder asked for a picture of Gus our dog and for pictures of Casanova's graduation. Speaking of which...
Casanova made me a CD of family photos for Mother's Day. He added music and a flowered sticker for the CD cover-nice! I made his slide show...while he was making mine!(Cool, huh?!)

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Anonymous said... got a birthday stone ring! that is sweet! i want one, too!!!

sounds like you had a fabulous Mother's Day. You must be a great mom!