Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our Dog Gus

Elder Cam has requested LOTS of pictures of Gus (really Nick's dog). We went out into yard today and took pictures of our silly Gus. He was able to get off his chain on Memorial Day Holiday and he went to scare the neighbors little dogs! My dad called to say, "Your dog, Gus is loose!". So Roland went outside and found him sitting in Nick's Jeep :) Grandma had caught Gus by the collar and squeezed him in the jeep. When they all went to check the dog run in the back...the whole cable cord was completely pulled off. He is still a puppy, but an extremely strong puppy! We hope to build a fence soon so that Gussy can run freely to his hearts content. He is just a giant teddy bear :)


JNew said...

That's a cute dog!
To answer the question you left on my blog, I just do a google image search to find pics. Go to Google's homepage, click on Image (it will be either below the search button or up in the left hand corner of the page) and type in whatever you're looking for. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I love your quote about Friendship! That is soooo true :)

that doggie is soooo cute :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Dolly....guess what????
Check it out on my blog :)


p.s. I love the music you have on your blog!!!!

Rebecca said...


p.s. I am a HUGE Donny Osmond fan myself. It's funny to admit this now, but when I was in Jr. High and through High School I collaged Donny Osmond pictures all over the inside of my lockers. LOL!

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