Tuesday, June 3, 2008


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My Three Joys

1.I have a spectacular life! Gorgeous husband,TALL smart kids,new house,growing business, and friends who so kind :)
2.I have great joy from being placed into an LDS family.(They've requested new pictures for me to post-thanks Lin') My siblings all are so dedicated to the the gospel. We have been taught to love and respect each other and people around us. I have a testimony of Christ and His life. If I had been kept in my native Eskimo culture, my chance for learning this would of been so slim.
3.I love the amazing fact that I was born during this time in history. I realize that modern conveniences like electricity and water in my home are a huge blessing! I find great joy as I watch my husband use his talent of wiring homes and setting up power boxes for people. I'll never take this for granted.

My three biggest Fears
1. Spiders, bugs and bees-INSECTS!
2. Huge natural disasters: earthquakes-Alaska & Utah,tornadoes-Tulsa & Houston,Flooding-California & Tulsa,Fires-Alaska and Utah. Every place we've lived, I have witnessed and been saved from nature's fury. My mom was pregnant with me during the 1964 earthquake that devastated Anchorage.
3.Physical Injury- I'm not afraid of death, but I have the hardest time watching anyone go through pain (including myself!) My boys always want me to watch shows where kids are hurt riding motorcycles, bikes or skateboards-while it's being video taped. I am able to see and study embalming and autopsies...only because the people are dead. But watching the pain of someone ALIVE-blows me away!

My Three Goals
1. I have short term goals like: selling my preschool & doing flowers. My long term goals begin with serving a mission with my husband and then living in Hawaii!
2. I'm currently getting four of my sons ready to serve missions-just like our eldest, Cameron, who is serving in Switzerland.
3. I'm learning to save money for the future. I'd like my husband to be able to retire and take a break from the daily chores.

Current Obsessions
1.Blogging here on the internet! My husband & kids say I need an intervention :)I do stay up all night creating posts and surfing other people's blogs.
2. Collecting nesting dolls...my Grandma Laura taught me this :) I also collect anything that use to be my Grandma Laura's. I have most of her furniture(hutches,dining-room tables, headboards,shelving, dishes, coffee-tables and even her jewelry! If I see something of my Grandma's at my siblings house, I make them an offer! :)
3.Cleaning...I now know how very little I can get by with. I would like to know the contents of every room in my house. If it's not being used-give it away!

Surprising Facts
1.I'm missing two & a half spinal vertebrae in my neck. My natural mother was an alcoholic. (I have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome). I turn my neck on the side muscles in my shoulders-the vertebrae are fused together. I still have partial motion but it is getting harder and harder to bend down or lift certain objects.
2.My childhood story of adoption was printed in a "Women's Day" magazine-way back in the '90's. My birth name was "Esmerelda Achayok".
3.I found my natural uncle,(Dad's side)on the internet a few yrs.ago/My natural aunt(mom's side)lived down the road from me as I grew up! Didn't find out till I was sixteen-she gave me my first baby pictures of myself.

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Julie Is The Domestic Diva said...

I love your amazing facts! You have a firm foundation in the Gospel. I am so happy to know your son is on a mission and others are preparing! That is sooo wonderful. This is the first time I've been on your personal blog! It's really neat! Thank you for being you (which is an adorable, sweet, kind person).

~Leave it to Lyla~ said...

HI Dolly!! I am sorry its taken awhile to reply my modem died and I just got a new one today so YEAH!!! back online!!! ok I'm tagged so I will post my answers today!!! I love your blog and you have a beautiful family too!!! Lyla

Anonymous said...

WOW! Dolly...i just NOW saw your Tag-post! I got must be getting a little behind!!!) anyway....GOSH YOU ARE AWESOME!!! I MEAN THAT!!!

I am going to look up your story in the Woman's Day Magazine....I hope I can find it :)

I love that you CLEAN HOUSE and get rid of the extra clutter. That is SO much like me! Actually after reading all of this about you, I think you and I have a LOT in common!!!! :)