Saturday, June 21, 2008

Moving to the "Lower 48"

I was so impressed by my dear friend, Merrianne's blog, that I think I'll do a little copying of her posts this month. She wrote up the story of how she and her husband met. It was so amazing to read! My hubby and I have traveled long distances to find each other :) But, every step was worth it!

I grew up in Alaska, but my dad announced to our family one day...that we were moving down to Tulsa, Oklahoma! It was going to be my senior year in high school, but I didn't care. I wanted to have a whole new life changing experience. I was ready to move on. It was the summer of 1981. We drove our family van and hauled a trailer down to Tulsa. I was a typical teenager-embarrassed by all my younger siblings and wishing I had less responsibilities, but something told me that happiness was right around the corner!

We spent the summer looking for a new house, big enough to hold eight kids. Not any house would do-we needed space to run! So, our parents found a big home, in the middle of a tiny neighborhood. There were twelve pecan trees, two or three black walnut trees and way too much grass to mow. We had a wonderful time making new friends and learning about life outside of Alaska. I had gone to visit relatives in California and Utah before, but I had never been part of neighborhood with paved streets and with fences. I was so happy to learn to drive and get a job at Wendy's.

After high school, my dad announced again, that we would be moving. This time to Texas. I had just finished night school for Respiratory Therapy. The hospital asked me to begin working with them right away. I really wanted to stay, but a little voice inside me said, "Go!". I turned the job down and packed my bags to move with my family to Houston. We ended up choosing a home in SugarLand and it was so beautiful there. I loved our brand new "show-case" home. It was 1984 and wall paper was so popular! I loved the pastel colors and full mirrored walls. But most of all, I loved the new Ward we attended :) Sunday, February 19th we went to sacrament meeting-and was introduced to the "Single Adult Rep". We shook hands and smiled at each other, and my whole world changed!


Anonymous said...

AAAAWWWW!!!! SSSWEET STORY!!!!! :) I guess he didn't STAY as the Single Adult Rep for TOO LONG after Meeting YOU!!!! :)

Love your story!! :)

Weatherspoon Family said...

Well cute story! I know Heavenly Father leads you to the one your supposed to marry it definitely happened in my life too!
So I read your comment. I made it on Adobe photo shop then turned it into a Jpeg and put it on as a new item in my blog. A jpeg. I am kind of sad I tried to make it my header but you have to have the words so they covered my jpeg. It looked bad so I moved it to under my bland title and it works! It works best if you host it on a place like photo bucket then they make it the right size for your placement. Good luck!