Saturday, June 21, 2008

Young Adults and Mission Days

Well, ladies...that's only the beginning of my love story :) As I said, we met on a Sunday. Bosco wrote out his phone number and asked me to call him his given name-not Bosco.
He invited me to a Young Adult volleyball game the next night. My family was still living at the Embassy Suites Hotel. So Bosco came up to get me-with a "friend" named Becky(now referred to as the "B" word). They hung all over each other and he wreaked of cologne! We played volleyball and continued to attend activities together through out the month. Bosco helped us move in to Mission Bend neighborhood. My parents were so impressed that he showed up so much to help us. Then he started meeting me for lunch and our families knew that we becoming good friends :)We both were called to teach the Star A & B classes in Primary-we liked sharing a classroom and team teaching. Everyday was exciting and we started talking about temples. He asked me which one I loved the most. I have always loved the Hawaiian Temple:) When he started bringing me roses, I wanted him to know that I was only going to marry a return missionary. He said that he had planned to serve-but it was too expensive for him. I told him, if he was serious...I would support him financially. My parents had planned to send me to college, but I convinced them to let me take care of my baby brothers, Micah and Nathan...and we'd use the money for Bosco's mission. They realized I was serious and we started planning :)

Six months after I met Bosco, my family moved back to Tulsa. My dad's job changed and we returned to our old house. Bosco and I missed each other so he came to visit me before he left on his mission to Las Vegas. This was the moment we decided to marry-but not till he finished serving an 18 month mission. The church had decided to change the serving time-I was thrilled! Less time for me to wait:)

Bosco left for Las Vegas in November of 1984. We wrote letters and cards. I didn't have a ring on my finger...but I tried to ignore offers to date other guys. After a year went by, my dad told me I could go back to Ricks College and finish my Child Dev. I said good bye and went to Idaho. Bosco was very successful as a missionary and the girls loved his bleach blond hair and ice-blue eyes! He also had a thick accent from living back in Maine. (We have lots of girl's pictures in his photo albums!) But, I had fun at Ricks too :) When I went home to Tulsa...I was asked to cut the Elder's hair (I went to Beauty school too). Nothing better than running your fingers through...cute Elders hair! :) It's hard to believe I have a son on a mission now. Hope he stays away from those college girls.


Anonymous said...

WOW DOLLY!!!!!!!!!! you paid his way through his Mission!?!?!?! You ARE an angel!!!! had me cracking up!
The "B" word....running our fingers through Elder's hair....etc...etc.. You are The Best Dolly!!!

Frumpy Luv said...

How fun are thes pictures!!! I love this post!!
(by the way, thanks for your comment - I really appreciated hearing that story - thank you!)

The Broad Squad said...

We LOVE the old photos~~!! And the stories! Thanks for brightening up our day!