Sunday, July 27, 2008

The 60/40 Principle

I'd like to share a favorite book of mine-that has sooo changed my life this summer. It's called,"Money-It's Not Just For Rich People!" -by Janine Bolon. I met this author a few months ago at a free seminar at the library. My sister, Sherri had called me at my preschool one day, and she said to mark my calender for a certain date. She told me that she was out driving in her car and heard a talk show on saving money. She said that the woman on the radio, would be at the library. I truthfully was not interested at first, but told my sister that I'd tag along for fun. HERE'S A NEW LINK TO READ THIS BOOK

The day we did attend this free seminar, I actually did wonder... what this whole evening would be about. Sherri and I sat in the front row, with our little note-books ready to record anything of interest. My sister immediately introduced herself to Janine and I said hello. I could tell there was something special about this lady. She was dressed very formal with a nice pant-suit on...and then I looked down to see very expensive high-top tennis shoes. I thought,"Hmmm, she has good taste in fashion-with a bit of humor added!". I liked her style :) Then for the next hour, I was madly writing down as much info as my little hand could possibly record at one time. She spoke of a sixty-forty principle that is the secret to her managing money in her own life. (She now is a self-made millionaire!) She told us her life story and how one day, a light when off in her head-while she was playing legos on the floor with her children. She has since shared this formula in an amazing book. She actually has several books now to share-which I ran out and bought immediately. She told us during the lecture, that if we tried this formula...and it didn't work-she wanted to know. She gave us a challenge to test the information. I told my husband and my children in Family Home Evening what I had learned. Not all of my kids where ready to believe this information, but for those who did-we bought files to keep track of every penny they saved :) I know this formula really works (Try it out!) I will be sharing my next year in business, using this book. *Every step-you'll know about!


Susan Spracher Macaluso said...

So Dolly, tell me how to do it!

Shelle said... what's the secret? I want to know...share, share!

myhappyplace said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I wish you all the best w/your plans for a flower shop.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a GREAT book!!!!! i need to read it!

charrette said...

This sounds great. So tell us..Just what IS the 60/40 principle? Sounds like I need the book.