Monday, July 28, 2008

Finding My Goals

There's a cute story on Janine's web-page that I'll and share with you quickly. She was teaching a youth class about finding their goals in life and how managing their money along with their goals is the key to success. During class, someone left a paper bag on her table (she was a little hesitant about opening the bag!). But instead of being something alive or slimy, she found a stuffed porpoise. One of the kids yelled out to her,"Mrs. Bolon, I just wanted you to know I've found my porpoise!". They all had a good laugh and she felt that the kids had understood her lecture about having a goal in life.

Janine is a trained biochemist, with a specialty in analytical chemistry. She had been working in the pharmaceutical industry for 15 years, when she and her husband discovered that she was pregnant! They thought that she would never conceive, but suddenly she was thrown into motherhood and raising a family. They now needed to figure out how to survive on just his income. Janine found her new passion in frugal living. While cutting their living expenses in half, she studied as much as possible-finding ways to help her husband retire from corporate life in 14 years(they cut
that time down too!). She came up with the Five Basic Laws of Wealth Accumulation:

-->Create your financial Goals/Live within your means/Pay yourself first/Pay it forward/and Philanthropy-take care of others. After this is understood she break it down even more. She has you learn about the flow of money and just how to divide money into a certain percentage of categories. (Not use 100% of your take-home money). You learn that there's a flow to money and the Laws of the Universe need this money to keep going in a cycle. For some reason the money you give away-comes back to you doubled and even tripled sometimes (we know this about tithing). But, planning ahead is top priority. She just has this concept nailed!! I'm amazed :) Read her web-page testimonials and the reviews are incredible. You'll love it...


Rachel J. said...

Yes, this is important stuff to know.
Let us all embrace the modest ways of past generations. Never underestimate all the mouths you can feed off a pot of good ol' rice n' beans.

Anonymous said...

that is an excellent post!!!! i love it!