Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'd like to thank the little people...

Awesome!!!-I was just given a blog award by Merrianne's husband, Spencer. YAY!!! Thanks Spencer...that was so kind. Now I have have to pass the good luck along to others. So, I'm nominating 7 more people to give it to:
Then, those 7 people will pick 7 people to give it to: As Spencer says'

1. Cousin Tammy
2.Cousin Amy
3.Cousin Amanda
4.Sister Linda
5.Christine-Swiss Miss
6.Cousin Ben
7.Brother Eric


Anonymous said...

Dolly! You totally deserve this award!!!!

Dolly said...

Thanks Merriane and Spencer :)

Earle Family said...

Hey Dolly!!! Thanks so much for the AWARD! I'm psyched! I'll be nominating my favorate blogs tomorrow... What a great idea!
~ Amy