Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer of '08

I've had an amazing summer so far. I haven't had to work for the first time in years, and my family has been so blessed in health and safety. Roland is out of his cast and Nick is fully recovered from his concussion. Elder Cam is working hard to find contacts in Aarau. Carter is with his sister in California. Dakota and Madeline are able to earn a little money from babysitting and mowing lawns. Jaden is no longer a baby or toddler. He has really begun to master the English language! He talks in FULL sentences now. What a huge change from last summer, when he would ask questions in one or two words...such as "Doing?". Nick still reminds us of this original question Jay use to ask :) Now Jay will ask two or three sentences without stopping for an answer! "Can I watch Night at the Museum?"..."Ya' know the monkey takes some keys and pees on that man?!...Is anyone watching a movie with ME?!!! (He can use the DVD controller better than me!) He calls TV..."TT". Incredible! Jaden's real personality is HERE :)

I do have heavy thoughts and worries about my eighteen year old's "love life" and out of home activities. I've seen more action down on(and off) my basement couch than I've ever seen at the movies down-town! The only thing that keeps me from following him around, is the fact that his girl-friend's sister just had a baby. My 18 yr. old comments on how gross it is to change dirty diapers and how much time and energy the whole family is taking care of this new life. I realize that my son is now old enough to make choices, but I will not be a parent who waits to see if he needs to be bailed out from his mistakes. I asked him today what song he had on his cell phone ring-tone. He mentioned it's rapper artist and told me not to watch it on the internet...I went straight to YouTube to see what crazy song he was paying his hard earned money for. When I told him the song was not worth it and he was making the guy rich, he just nodded. Maybe he didn't realize that part. He said he only likes the beat of the song. My husband thinks that if I give my opinion too much, I'll push our 18 yr. old away. I know that parenting means teaching core values to them EVERY day of our lives, not just some days. Sometimes we can use reverse psychology with him, but most of the time, we need to SAY what mean, as we LIVE what we teach. At least, my kids will know that I expect them to live up to a higher standard. They have great potential for "doing great things in this world".


Anonymous said...

Dolly! you are doing a WONDERFUL job with your SON!!

Do what YOU know is best. You have been blessed with a Mother's know when to say something and when not to say something.

Trust your heart Dolly ♥ and Good Luck!

Dolly said...

Thanks Merrianne! I needed that comment! By the way, how are you able to make that "little heart"? :)

Christine "SwissMiss" said...

Dolly , you got my husband and I laghing our heads off about teenagers... you are Ilarious ! there is some truth to it, I raised 4 teen all at once... it was not bad as I they knew my expectations and rules.. they are today great adults and very responsable. 2 in the military ( the boys) and the other 2 took for ever to get married at almost in their 30's. good job on your blog loving it....LIVE LAUGH LOVE

charrette said...

Wow. We have a 16-year-old who is just starting to date and drive. I appreciate your already-in-the-trenches perspective. Terrifying, but wise.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Our House said...

Dolly, did you read about the girls at that high school who all vowed to get pregnant together...and now most of them ARE?! Ack!!! I HOPE that your 18-yr old has the brain that will actually make the connection there between the sex and the diapers. Ha ha ha!! But you sound like a pretty darn good momma. I think it will all turn out okay---and if not, then you'll save on the wedding florist, since you already know how to arrange flowers! HA (just KIDDING!!)
Oh, but I should also tell you that Xander is listening to "Disturbed" on his I-Pod, but I just ignore it. It's when he swears I don't like it, so when we see a movie and some bd guy swears I point it out: "Hey, look! See how only disgusting scumbag lowlife criminal losers talk like that?" That seems to work.

Frumpy Luv said...

I know you are a great mom!! I LOVE the sign to teenagers - so classic - good luck with everything!