Wednesday, September 3, 2008're It!

Mikki tagged me with this. (Thanks Mikki, it was totally fun!)

i am: almost forty-four

i think: blogging is a blast!

i know: that I stay up way too late

I want: my missionary to email me...soon!

I have: a gift of Mary Kay make-up to share with one of my fellow-bloggers!

I dislike: waking up in the morning

i miss: my son on a mission

i fear: finding spiders in my house

i feel: tired and hungry

i hear: my daughter's voice as she tells me what to say here

i smell: nothing...I have allergies

I crave: chocolate and diet dr. pepper

i cry: when I watch my son's video of his mission call

i usually: clean house in the morning

i search: for cool blogs to read late at night

i wonder: if I can keep my eyes open :)

i regret: nothing at this moment

i love: my pillow and husband's feet

i care: for my family

i always: check my emails and blog through out the day

i worry: that I won't find a new job

i am not: working right now

i remember: seeing my birth-mother, Edna come visit me at my adopted families home. I was two and a half-and hiding behind a green comfy chair.

i believe: my body is ready for bed

i sing: all day long...

i don't always: have chap stick in my pocket :(

i argue: with my son, Nick every once in awhile-over visits with his girl friend

i write: to my missionary son on Sundays

i win: blog awards from Merrianne and Spencer :)

i lose: my car keys once a month

i wish: I could blog all night...

i listen: to blog music most of the time

i can usually be found: here at the computer

i am scared: of policemen showing up at my door with crazy news

i need: more hours in the day

sometimes i forget: my age

i am happy: when I don't have to go to work:)
I Tag:
  1. Lyla
  2. Spencer
  3. Eric
  4. Linda
  5. Tammy
  6. Amy
  7. Susan
  8. and Polly


Mechelle said...

HI Dolly. Thanks for posting my give away. Go put another comment on my blog for the nod.

I am so impressed that you regret nothing at this moment. That is wonderful. I regret that I eat a handful of the blueberries before I read the nutritional facts. Not as low cal as I thought.

I cried at my son's first birthday party. Jim asked my why I was crying and I said, "Because in 18 years he will be going on a mission!" Jim thought I was crazy, but I was really sad. I can see why you would cry each time you watched the video of your son opening his mission call.

Hope you are in bed and not reading my extra long comment. Enjoyed this tag, helped me to get to know you. m

Frumpy Luv said...

I love your new look - ocean sounds and everything - almost as good as the real thing!!!

It's always fun getting to know more about you!

Mikki said...

Thanks for playing. It's so fun to read more about you and get to know you some more. It's coolto see some of the things we have in common: I check my emails throughout the day too,blog into the night, I love not having to go to work. Some of those even made me get a little misty-eyed (those about your son on his mission)
Have a great day!

The Motherboard said...

Thanks for the link. We have added you to the another slice of life category. MMB

Ashley said...

I just did this tag too! Funny! :) I love the new ocean background!!!

Donna said...

Hi Dolly! Thanks for leaving comments on my blog. I like yours too and I'll definitely check back here often. I liked reading this and getting to know fun little things about you. I always find the smaller details of people's lives so interesting!

kitchenditcher said...

I LOVED this! I love getting to know someone better through these and it makes me think about what I would answer. I wish I could blog more too!!

Thanks for sharing part of yourself!!

npage79 said...

This was cute and I enjoyed reading it.

cally said...

Wow. No regrets, eh?

I ate caramel corn for breakfast.

More power to ya.

i like your blog.

~Leave it to Lyla~ said...

Ok Miss Dolly!! I am getting right on it!! so come on over and take a look at my answers! Hope all is well w/ you and your sweet family! So glad to hear that your missionary is well and healthy! I will talk w/ you soon!!!!

Anonymous said... have no regrets? one day i hope i can be like you Dolly!

Lisa said...

I posted some notes to you on my blog too so it wouldn't be this huge comment that would make you worry that I tend to babble and that I could be a scary stalker! It sounds like we have a lot in common--chocolate, Dr. Pepper, our families, staying up too late--its just amazing!! I would say twins seperated at birth kind of thing but it would definately be that movie with Arnold S and Danny DeVito!