Saturday, March 21, 2009


My head hurts today-allergies! I'm taking Benedryl and trying to stay awake. Spring time is not a happy time for Eskimos:( I'd like to go from winter time right into summer.


whoopsadasie said...

Gotta love those allergies! Have you tried Claritin? Works for my DH and I.

blogging and bliss~ said...

I feel the same way... I love claritin. I have to take the stuff practically all year round. Sorry to hear. Feel better.

Anonymous said...

I am feeling the same way. Was so glad to have some rain this week. One day of clear weather had me feeling just like you. Benedryl makes me fall asleep so (I just sneezed writing this) I don't always take anything.

Finally I am caught up with you, sorry it has been so long since I have stopped by.