Saturday, March 21, 2009

Five Senses

I've been tagged by Whoopsadasie for the Five Senses Game-yahoo! Here's how to play...I am to list 4 things I love, and one thing I hate, for each category.Then tag 5 people; having them do the same. So here goes:

SMELL: It's kinda hard to smell right now with allergies, but my favorite four are

1. My husband who wears Halston and it smells fabulous!
2. Plumaria flowers from Hawaii are wonderful and I ♥ them.
3. Fresh laundry and dryer sheets
4. Rainy days make me smile they smell so good:)

5. I can't stand the smell of wet dogs:(

TASTE: This is an easy answer...

1. Chocolate-most kinds make me happy-but I'd add nuts too.
2. Sushi Rolls are heavenly and I dream about them a lot:)
3. Gum is a must at my house. We never go anywhere with out it.
4. Most fruits and veggies are on my list of eating all day.

5. I can't stand the taste of Doritos-sorry! It's just not a favorite.

SOUND: I'm not too picky about noise.

1. My kids voices make me smile
2. Love music and singing
3. I love the sound of waves on the ocean
4. I am so happy to have MP3 players for walking with in the morning

5. Screaming and whining!

SIGHT: This is hard to narrow down-but I'll try

1. I love to see movies and hide from the world
2. I love to see gorgeous flowers to create arrangements with
3. I am so glad I can see colors
4. I am most happy when my family walks through the front door!!

5. The hardest thing for me to see is: a dirty house...


1. I love to hold babies and little puppies
2. I love to feel smooth pebbles
3. I like the feeling of my pillow and blankets
4. I am so glad I can touch this key board and write posts!

5. The hardest thing for me to touch is: strangers hands for too long in a handshake.

Now to name names...EVERYONE who wants to play this game... gets to!! Go for it:)


whoopsadasie said...

Ohhh...great one! LOVE the picture cartoon! ♥

susette said...

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Ashley said...

What a fun game! I'm with you on several of those. . . I LOVE the smell of fresh laundry and dryer sheets, and I love the smell of rain too, it's so refreshing!

RhondaLue said...

That such a fun game! I love it!

davies-jennie said...

Fun to read you answers!

Anonymous said...

What a fun post.