Thursday, May 7, 2009

Burning Calories

Five days a week, I get up at 5 a.m. and go walking with my friends V and M. We use to walk years ago-right after I had Chabs...but I got nipped by a yapper-dog on the way, and stopped walking with them. Well, now I'm back in the routine again.

I've been walking with them since November of last year-six months now. I've lost 20 pounds and can now say I'm pretty hooked on the daily schedule. The whole thought of getting portraits done at Casanova's wedding, in August this year, got me motivated. I really thought that I'd have enough time to drop down to my perfect height/weight ratio. But, things have changed again.

The wedding now is scheduled for June 19th, 2009. I had been told to not plan anything...they had plans to elope in Vegas. I put my foot down, and said that I wanted an LDS bishop to marry them-since they have no plans to marry in our LDS temple nearby. (I'm not sure why-except that the bride-2-be is less active). I respect the wishes of my future daughter in-law, but my son knows that we have talked about a mission and temple marriage his whole life. This change of plans is out of the ordinary, but not the end of the story. So, I'll try and paint on a happy face-as we face the next month together.

Back to my story of walking (the whole reason I'll look good in the pictures!). We spotted a rottweiler out of his fenced in junk yard. We see these two dogs in a fenced yard, every morning as we're walking down a side road off Main St. I could tell that the closer we got, that one dog was out and he just got louder, growling and barking. Then he started running toward us!!! I thought we were going to turn around and swiftly retreat, but V and M (who were on each side of me) guided me towards Main street. We stood in the middle waiting for one car to cross...then we booked it across four lanes of black-top. Serious calorie burning during that moment! (The dog crossed too!) We just kept on going into the neighborhood on the other side. Somehow, the dog was distracted by something else-and we made it back to V's house. I was saying a little prayer of thanks! The guardian angels were watching over us today-♥ Thank you! Thank you! Thank you HF!


Jill Decker said...

Dolly, just wanted to say thanks for all the comments on my blog. And that's great you go walking-- you look awesome! :)

blogging and bliss~ said...

Wow Dolly that sounds like a scary thing. I hope that you don't go past that way again. I hope everything goes well with the wedding prep. Sounds like that is coming up WAY too soon!

davies-jennie said...

Yikes! Take a can of pepper spray!
I am glad you are ok!