Friday, May 8, 2009

Spring Bridal Bouquet-FUN!

I've been working on a wedding bouquet here at home this month. I had a visit from a good friend and her daughter in April. They brought me this picture taken from a bride's magazine...and asked if I could make it out of silk and then fresh flowers. I agreed to try, and then I went on a mad hunt looking for just the right color and flowers. I found the cabbage-roses down at Tai-Pan, I found the the green orchids at Pier One and I did find pink calla lilies at the store I work at. (They were white-but I sprayed them dark pink w/ floral paint). The stems were all skinny and not much to hold on I snipped the
flower-heads off and wired & taped the flowers to discarded silk rose stems. Then I wrapped the handle in black sheer ribbon. It all looks very similar to the photo, so much so that my friend kept saying, "It looks so real!". When her daughter came to town, she was completely happy to just use the silk bouquet-not order fresh flowers too. Now, I'll make the corsages and bootneers. I'm pretty happy with the whole bouquet myself! *Silk flowers are very acceptable now to use for a wedding:) My next project?
My future daughter in-laws bouquet...June 19th-*unless there's a change in plans-again:)


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Much better then the picture! You are so talented!