Monday, May 11, 2009

New Camera for Mother's Day

My wonderful family gave me a digital Cannon camera for Mother's Day! Elder sent me Swiss Chocolate, lace, and an embroidered towel-beautiful! I got orange rolls for breakfast too:) We loved talking to our Elder and hearing about all his contacts and companions. We talked about his plans for school after he returns home. Life marches on and we're heading into a whole new phase of changes! Here's pictures from our day:

Andy our neighbor says hello

Nascar has fun telling Elder about my gifts

Starwars shows off the necklace he made in Primary

My mother's day card Chabs found me:) Hope it's not a future question!

Nascar helps me test the video maker :)


RhondaLue said...

WOW Nascar is a GORGEOUS KID!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, I bet the girls never leave him alone! lol

Happy mothers day!

davies-jennie said...

What great gifts! They know you really well!