Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Elder's Email

Dear Mom and Dad,

Wow! Sounds like everyone is up to something these days, and it sounds like you and dad are working hours-on-end. So what time does dad get home? (seven p.m.) Has he told you what he is doing? (Wind Mill Farm) That's really cool that your old boss complimented you before you left. Its really good to hear that you and dad both have jobs (hopefully, they stay strong). Everyone is going on missions back home and all that jazz now. So what made Casanova and "Nicole Kidman" want to sell stuff at the snack stand? Aunt Linda wrote me back, and it looks like we will be seeing each other, (That's going to be so cool).

Well, let me tell you about my week. So last Monday evening was Elder A.'s last Monday, so we went to visit the Bishop's Family for FHE, and there was also a British family there (so it was in English). Tuesday, we spent the day moving stuff from the married missionary couple's old apartment. It took forever and we even took a dresser back for our new third elder, By the way, I'm in a three-some with Elder V. and Elder F.(from Cedar), it's so cool being comps with him now, but we got a call early that morning from the APs saying that one of the elders broke their leg skateboarding!). So, we ended up one Elder Short. Wednesday, we went to breakfast with one of our investigators, so Elder A. could say good bye.

After that we had a lunch appointment with the Winters, but before that- we wanted to run by on a lady, who we gave a blessing to before she had surgery, she was being operated to have cancer taken out of her knee. Well when we got there she walks out still looking normal and as if she had no surgery. I looked at her and asked, "Didn't you have surgery this last week?" She looked at us and said, "Well I went in and they wanted to take pictures of my knee to know exactly where it was at, but when they took the picture the doctors were shocked!! They had come to the discovery of no cancer in her knee! She then went on to tell us about how after the blessing, she had a fever and that she was sweating a lot. She said she knew that if she had the faith in the Lord and asked the Elders to come by to give her a blessing that she would be healed. It was so amazing:)

So later we walked over to the member's house for lunch. Then after lunch we ran to one of our investigators, Frau Vilmar so Elder A. could say goodbye. We then taught her about the importance of coming to church. Thursday had to be the weirdest day on my mission because, I took Elder A. to the train station and went home alone to wait for my 2 new comps.........trust me being alone is weird. So after cleaning for 2 hours, I went to pick up Elder Van and F. We came home and set up the apartment for 3 elders. Later that night, we ran to Ward Council and talked with the YSA reps and what not. So on Friday we went to Sister L's. for lunch and she fed us a ton. Then we planned and went that evening to meet with Andreas, who told us after the lesson that he is starting to feel better again and that he has that good feeling with him. Saturday, we helped move the rest of the stuff left at the married couple's apartment. Then we met with Amira so she could get to know my 2 new comps. Sunday was sad, none of our investigators showed up to church, a girl walked in off the streets though and told us that her brother in Brazil told her to go to church. Well after church we went to the American families house for Tacos.

Well, yesterday (Monday) I didn't write because we went to........EUROPA PARK!!!!!!!!! Europe's Equivelent to Disneyland.......mice included! It was way fun except for when I got to the second ride and it had a height restriction- no people over 6 ft 3 in! (I was shocked). Also, there was another ride I couldn't fit into because my legs were too long but I got to ride all the cool rides. So today is Tuesday. Well I hope everything is going good for you guys, I love you all... tell everyone hello.




Amy said...

Wow! It gives me shivers and tingles to read that! What an amazing young man. I could feel his testimony and what an example of hard work! You are an amazing mother Doll.

Love you!

davies-jennie said...

Thanks for sharing! What a faith builder that he will never forget! I love miracles.

Ashley said...

Wow, what a great email! I can't believe he got to go to Europe's version of Disneyland. Very cool!