Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My New Job Location

Well Folks,

I've been working at Comfort Homes for three days now, and it's totally a blast:) I'm quickly learning how to use their computer/cash register...and it's not so scary now! My new friends have been VERY patient with me as I try and remember the steps. Practice makes perfect-right?! Maybe by next month, I won't need assistance and reminding.

When I'm not helping customers at the desk, I'm dusting the furniture and learning the names of all the vendors. We have a box for almost everything to go home in too. I've heard that a good employee must not covet the home decor and other items sold-which of course means, "Don't spend all your money in one place!". I have noticed the other workers though, have certain special items that are saved for buying later:) So, I quietly memorize the names and awesome pieces that catch my eye too. I actually was brave enough to snap some pictures. I like all the wall clocks in the displays. Can't decide which one is my favorite yet...

I'm adding a Christmas tree that I helped decorate. Pretty fun stuff:) My supervisor has asked me if I've been able to decorate yet...I said that I've helped-but I'm slowly elbowing my way into the showroom. I ran the store cash register BY MYSELF yesterday! I only had help one time-when I forgot to enter the tender given ($20 bill) I had to figure the change out myself and correct the entry after the customer left:) I had help asking how to cancel the sale and start over. But, I didn't hyper- ventilate...I just kept my cool:) This is my counter and register-can you see the jewelry display right in front of my desk? I've been really good and have not bought anything yet:)

The local television station dropped by to make a commercial yesterday too. The camera man and the interviewer were both parents of two of my favorite preschoolers:) We laughed and caught up on my "new job". Then I introduced them to the other designer and let them start the commercial taping-while I helped the customers. I managed to sneak in a few shots of these local celebrities:) Today is Friday and we're having a sale of items that discounted up to 75% off...I should be pretty busy all day. Then, I'm going to a funeral viewing afterwards. I made a couple sprays and a wreath for the family. I also wired eleven bootineers for the casket barrers and one corsage for the mother:( Sad story I'll add later.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a really fun job. I like the clock on top!