Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beets and Bananas

Today, I gathered all my strength...and went back to work. My dear friends gave me high-fives and thumbs-up when I stated that my throat was fully healed. I was ready to start hauling Christmas decorations around again!

A funny thing happened during the day-(I thought I'd share with ya') My friend, Lee, was in Wood 'n Lace helping a customer, when I walked through. The customer told Lee, that for a dollar...he would share a sure fire way of losing weight. This diet was given to him by the hospital staff and dietitians up in Salt Lake. He had shared this with lots of people-all for only one dollar! She looked at me and smiled, then she pulled some change out of her pocket and frowned. She told him that sorry she didn't have enough. I pulled thirty-five cents out of my pocket and gave her my change. Even though it wasn't enough...he still wanted to share his secret:)

This is the menu plan he gave us...for breakfast, you can only have four items:

The next part of the menu for lunch...included: a tomato, a carrot, one beet and some kind of protein (only a pack of card size). This is the same for dinner...the meat can only be skinless and no fat. The one treat for the day-ONE tootsie roll to suck on (not chew). If you can't make it without munching on something, you can have plain popcorn. There should be nothing on any of your food. There should be NO sauces, No butters and No gravy. He was guaranteeing weight loss within the first week. Lee and I both agreed that it's only because your basically starving yourself! We've decided that we'd try the menu for one week, and just see how it FEELS to eat so very little. At the very worst, we just feel grumpy from lack of flavor and variety. I know that night times will be the most challenging! *(Especially since it's almost THANKSGIVING!!!) All this talk about food is making me hungry-how about you? I could go for some sushi...


Blog Stalker said...

Way too hard, but okay if you can do it! When I lostmy weight(initial 100lbs) it was a change in lifestyle. Something I could sustain over the rest of my life and no feel like I was starving or going without anything good in life. because alas, good food makes the bad good and the good even better. lol

Good luck and have a great day!

Mikki said...

I don't know Dolly, I don't think I could do it. Seems pretty blah to me. I have to agree with you, you lose weight because you're starving to death. LOL

Glad you're feeling better!