Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Treat

The flu-bug hit our house...hours after my youngest walked in the door from his trick or treating out in the neighborhood. He dumped his bag of candy on the kitchen table, ate a piece of chocolate and ran to go brush his teeth. We noticed, that through out the night- he couldn't go to sleep ,and just thought he must be wound up from all the activities. But, early in the morning, right before church started...Starwars was turning green!

His siblings announced to us that Iron-man had "lost it". For the next twelve hours, we bathed, scrubbed and disinfected any surface that he had touched and all particles of air that he had inhaled/exhaled*(Lysol gets the job done quite nicely). The sad part of the story, was that our Dad, of the family...had to go back up north to work. I was left to handle the doctor visit and calling work and schools about our absences.

At nine a.m., Monday morning-the older kids were at school, and Starwars and I were calling the doctor for an ASAP appointment. The quickest they could accommodate our visit was eleven a.m.-right before lunch time. So, we watched videos and played computer games all morning:) I let my boss know (via. cell phone texting) all about our plans for the pending doctor appointment...she was ultra-kind to let me hang out with my sick kid (I'm sure she had better plans that let me bring my five yr. old into work and share the contagious love). I returned the favor by updating her with lovely pictures of my adorable sick child.

She was even so understanding in hearing all the details of his swine flu testing. (The nurse puts a HUGE Q-tip up the nostril and swabs the mucous membranes).

*Today is Tuesday, and Starwars and I are still home watching videos and waiting for a call from the doctors office. I'm crossing my fingers the test comes back NEGATIVE...Please! Please! please:)


Mitch and Shanley said...

Oh, that's so sad. I hope that he is alright!

Amy said...

Oh! I hope it's negative too! I hope he feels better soon! And I'm so sorry you are having to go through this by yourself! That's the way it always happens here. jake is ALWAYS gone when the kiddos get sick. Okay... maybe not always, but it seems like it!

By the way, you asked about my rounded photo corners... it's something I do with my swell photoshop program. Very fun!

Sending good thoughts your way!


Mikki said...

aw, dang it!! I've got my fingers crossed for ya, and I'm saying prayers. Hope you get/got good news.

blogging and bliss~ said...

Sorry I hope it is neg. too. We have had it in our house for almost a week and a half! yuck! I can't wait to get over it.