Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our First Day in Switzerland-Pt. 2

The first night we stayed in Zurich, was a absolute nightmare crazy time!. We had reservations at the Hotel Hottingen-recommended by the mission home. The airport car-rental lady was kind enough to give us

a map and directions to the hotel. Somehow (By the Grace of God), we managed to find this place after midnight in downtown Zurich!! All the signs were strange to us on the roads-since we'd never been out of the U.S. *Elder was in another we were on our own. The hotel locked it's doors at eleven p.m. and we were left to wait out front till our rental car:) Luckily, the seats

 were heated! Three a.m.-we started searching for a restroom, Four a.m.-I was freezing in the backseat, Five a.m. I was so mad that all the hotels were closed and six a.m. I spotted the manager walking in!! I was so happy to meet them. We unloaded, called Elder and ate breakfast:) Bread with Nuttela-MMmmm! Then, we finally got to see our missionary...we had quite a reunion (even if we hadn't slept in two days! What a fantastic moment:) We all later went to the mission home for a testimony meeting and to meet the mission president and his lovely wife. I think our adrenalin kicked in-as we had the most spiritual meeting I've ever been to in my whole life. I was so grateful to be safe, surrounded with love, and enjoying the moments with my handsome hubby and cute son. Pure heaven!

This blue van carried the missionaries luggage down the hill-back to our hotel. The Elders all walked down (we were staying in the same place). This was their last night together and their room was right across from ours! How lucky is that??


Becca said...

Wow, that is crazy! I can't believe the hotel was closed! Congrats on picking up your missionary!

Tulsi said...

Oh, I should have thought to mention that things close up. They close early in the evening to be with their families. And they close up during the lunch time for about 2 hours to go home and take care of their children. The schools don't have a lunch room so they have long lunch hours and parents take care of their children. Few people can afford the prices to eat out much. Even a hamburger is expensive. They don't do much fast food. It was cheaper to buy McDonald's in France than Geneva. My mom lived very close to France where we did some shopping at open market. She hadn't been to a fast food place in Years but Mik wanted a hamburger.

Anonymous said...

I bet you two were just so happy to see each other!!!!!!!! woo hooo!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl!
I TAGGED you on my blog!!!!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my gosh that is so cool that you get to go there! What a sweet reunion!

d bulloch said...

How fun for you to go pick cam up. Your rental car reminds me of the time when Der and I went back to his mission and his whole family had to fit in a small suv. good times